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How To Wear Bun Hairstyles This Summer

How To Wear Bun Hairstyles This Summer

Summer is finally here! It is time to have some fun and enjoy your new free schedule. But just because you don’t have the obligations of school at the moment, that does not mean you’re just going to sit at home this summer. It is time to go out and go wild with your friends. You may find yourself with parties to go to, cute people to see, or other occasions where you may want to dress up a little. One way to dress yourself up is with the right hairstyle. It is an underrated part of a look, but it leaves a large impact. There are a lot of ways to style your hair, and a great way to style is with a bun. You bunch your hair together on your head and you are creating an elegant look. There is not just one way to do a bun. There are many different bun hairstyles you can work with, and any of them will be great for your summer events. Keep your hair and your spirits up with any of these bun hairstyles in the summertime.

1. Classic High Bun

You can never go wrong with a classic look. Of all the bun hairstyles, this is the most tried and true, as well as the image that probably pops into people’s minds when they think of a bun. This is a pretty straightforward look. Just put your hair in a smooth circle bun, and make sure it stays close to, but not necessarily on, the top of your head. Not a hair will be out of the place and with the help of some hairspray, it will not move an inch. This is a look of elegance and sophistication. It shows that you are very put together and you know what you are doing, especially when it comes to hairstyles. This is a look that is great for a dressy occasion, like some sort of summertime gala, wedding, or party. It will also work in a professional setting, like on a job interview, as it shows you do not mess around. If you want to show people that you are some to be admired and to be taken seriously, then this is the prim and proper style for you.

2. Low Bun

While there is the classic look, maybe that is not the exact hairstyle you want. A lot of bun hairstyles can be adapted from each other to create something new and cute. That is the look of the low bun. In terms of the bun itself, it is basically the same compared to the classic high bun. However, as I’m sure you guessed from the name, this bun goes lower, almost your neck. It will end up not being as tight as a high bun and a bit more versatile as it is easier to make. You can get the elegance of a high bun, but you can still show off a more easy going side of you. This hairstyle will work for some parties that are semi formal, not necessarily black tie. Or it could work for when you are going out to a fancy restaurant in the night’s warm air with someone special. You are able to be polished and carefree at the same time by making a classic just a little more relaxed.


3. Space Buns

Not all bun hairstyles need to be taken seriously. You can have some fun with the bun looks to show your quirky side. Space buns are able to show that you are fun while still showing that you are trying to do something special with your hair. Named after Princess Leia and her iconic hairstyle, space buns are two buns that you put on each side of your head or maybe on the top. They are usually smaller than regular buns because they each have less hair, so each can take a little less time. They are like the pigtails of the bun world, which is why they give off youthful and alternative vibes. These don’t have to be for anything too formal. You can style these for an outdoor party in the summer, or maybe for a fun date at an arcade. Take some risks with your hair and go funky, but still show that you are always going the distance.

4. Braided Bun

Some of the bun hairstyles are more simple, but maybe try something more complex. Show that you are putting time and effort into how you look. That is what the braided bun can achieve. This can be done in different ways. There can be a braid wrapped around the bun. There could be braids on the side of your head leading up to one. Or if your hair is long enough, you can do a combination of the two. Any way you do it, it will take some time. Combining the efforts of putting up a bun and doing a braid will be very intricate. Therefore, this is not a casual hairstyle. You should save this look for a formal event. For example, this would be perfect for a summer wedding, as a bridesmaid or simply as a guest. This is a big event where looks are important that already requires a lot of thought for the outfit. Any other event as formal as this one is what the braided bun is for. If you want it to look your fanciest to show that you care about your style, this is the hairstyle for you.

5. Floral Bun

Most of these bun hairstyles are pretty straightforward in how they are constructed. That doesn’t mean you can’t go bigger with how you make your bun. Maybe try adding some accessories to it. With this look, you can add some flowers. You can put them either on top or on the side of your bun, or even going through the rest of your hair. Whatever you think looks best for your hair is what you should go with. Flowers are in full bloom in the summertime. They are out and fragrant, and that should be celebrated. When you put flowers in your bun, you are showing how much you are appreciating this beautiful season. To elevate this look, try to go for some flowers that will match the dress that you are wearing. These will work great for summer weddings, especially if you are a bridesmaid with certain colors. It is a beautiful day and this look will make it more beautiful. This will also work for other formal events, like big celebrations, huge parties, or your prom if that is happening in the summer. Flowers will make your bun go from simple to chic.

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6. Messy Bun

Not every look needs to be meticulous and complicated. A lot of bun hairstyles require a lot of time to style. There is nothing wrong with that, but sometimes you don’t have the energy to do all of that. That is why there is a messy bun. The messy bun is very easy to make up and it does not have to be perfect. You can just tie back in a way that looks right to you, almost like a slightly more elaborate ponytail. You can have some hairs out of place and falling in your face and it will still go with the look. This is a great hairstyle for when you are in a bit of a rush, but you want to do a little bit more than leaving your hair out. This will go great for any backyard party or barbecue where it’s a decent amount of people, but not too overwhelming. It will also work for a fun picnic where you are just relaxing, but with a nice lunch. You can use as much effort as you want, and at the end of the day, you will still be a style icon.

7. Half Up Bun

You probably have an idea in your head when people talk about buns and bun hairstyles. You usually imagine it with all the hair above your neck and tied into the bun. However, the styles can get a little more eccentric and unique. For instance, the half up bun is a lot different than most buns out there. How a half up bun works is that you only use around half of your hair for the bun, hence the name. It will be put in the center of your head, and the rest of your hair will just be out and normal. It will take less time and it will not be that formal of a look. It is for the occasions where you want to put in some effort, but you want a look that is quick and versatile. Or maybe you are the type of person who prefers to have their hair down, but you still want to do something special. Wear this to a fun night party where everyone is dancing, or a day out with the girls where you all look your cutest. It doesn’t have to be go big or go home, if you go far enough, you’ll still have an amazing look.