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How To Wear And Pull Off Sunglasses This Fall

How To Wear And Pull Off Sunglasses This Fall

Summer is not the only season to wear sunglasses. Sunglasses can easily be paired with fall and even winter outfits. Sunglasses are worn in the summer not only for their very fashionable look but to protect our eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Well, the sun really didn’t go anywhere in the fall and winter, it is just behind some clouds, which means its harmful rays are still upon us.

Sunglasses can also be worn during these colder seasons to help us ward off that harsh weather. The cold wind, rain, and snow come flying at us in all directions, so of course, sunglasses can be an extremely huge help to keep the pesky cold away from our eyes. If you are not sure how to pull off sunglasses this fall, here are some tips!

Bring Back the 90s Look

Did we just all forget about the 90s where wearing sunglasses during the fall and winter was a thing? With a bunch of other 90s fashion, let’s bring that look back. Style your sunglasses with that a long coat, or to make it even more 90’s, wear an actual trench coat to stay warm and keep up the look.

To make the look even better, wear a fedora or a beret like the one in the photo below. It will give the look a very moody vibe that works so well for fall anyway. And if you are feeling a little anxious about sporting sunglasses in the fall, just tell yourself that they are just an accessory and nothing more. Don’t make it a big deal and no one will really care.

How To Wear And Pull Off Sunglasses This Fall

Of Course, Add a Sweater

Now, for my favorite part of fall, sweaters!! Sweaters just make everything right. They are cozy and warm and they can be matched with literally anything and be cute. So, of course, I suggest wearing your fall sunglasses with whatever sweater you want. If you are looking to keep up that moody vibe, I suggest going with an overall dark outfit like the one below. But make it comfy and make it you. The sunglasses just add to the look and make it ten times cuter!

How To Wear And Pull Off Sunglasses This Fall

Pumpkin Round

A lot of the shapes of sunglasses I noticed for fall were round. Which I think is perfect considering its fall and, though real pumpkins aren’t exactly round, they are in the round shape making round glasses literally perfect for fall. Plus, if you are a Harry Potter fan, the round look is the best look.

This style is awesome because not only do we have the round sunglasses, we have a big, fluffy jacket and the tight leather pants. What an amazing fall combo! Maybe you are in a place that stays sunny a bit longer than other states, which means sunglasses are a must for your autumn look all of the time.

How To Wear And Pull Off Sunglasses This Fall

Wear with Fall Hats

As I said above, sunglasses are just accessories, so make sure to match them with other accessories. Fall hats are another one of my faves and sunglasses seem to make them so much better. That shaded look isn’t just for summers anymore. The wide brim hat looks super adorable with those dark-framed glasses below, but if you look back up, the beanie and the sunglasses are a great match as well.

How To Wear And Pull Off Sunglasses This Fall

A Scarf Will Make it Cozy

Another accessory, I know, but you can never over-accessorize. Right? Well, for this adorable fall look, the sunglasses work because they match the scarf, which then matches the shoes. The scarf really ties the whole look together.

When creating your fall outfit for the day, just make sure you have a kind of middle-man like this scarf. Something that ties what your accessories together, whether that is a shirt or another accessory.

Not only do these aviator sunglasses create an awesome fall look, but they are also big enough to shield your eyes from drying out from the cold winds and rain that you might experience this fall.

How To Wear And Pull Off Sunglasses This Fall

Wear to a Sunny Pumpkin Patch

Fall activities are so fun, like going to the pumpkin patch, searching your way through a corn maze, drinking apple cider. If you are planning on going to these kinds of events, it is reason enough to wear your sunglasses out.

Like this cozy look, the sunglasses match really well with that baseball cap as the letters are about the same shades as the sunglasses. Then, you tie in those accessories with those darker jeans and your whole look is on point!

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How To Wear And Pull Off Sunglasses This Fall

The Darker the Better

Going back to that moody vibe, when it comes to sunglasses and your look, the darker the better for fall. Dress darker especially around Halloween time as it is the spooky season. This dark look is made pretty elegant with that long coat and dark sunglasses. The ripped jeans dress the look down a bit, but the look itself is a “ready to dominate” look and I love it!

If you are looking to make sunglasses the main focus of your style, I would pair a dark outfit like this with maybe some brighter sunglasses to bring more focus to your eyes. Match your makeup with the color of your shades to really tie the whole look together.

How To Wear And Pull Off Sunglasses This Fall

Keep it Casual

Make your fall sunglasses just part of your casual looks. Pair with your favorite skinny jeans, a print top, and a cute fall jacket. Or like the look below, wear your favorite fall sweater with the sunglasses. You know how I feel about sweaters! They are amazing.

With these bigger sunglasses, I suggest wearing smaller jewelry as to not take away from the sunglasses or overwhelm the look. Small stud earrings and a nice simple chain necklace would make this look super cute and they would be small enough to complement the look while not drawing too much attention away from everything else.

How To Wear And Pull Off Sunglasses This Fall

Fight the urge to only wear sunglasses in the summertime. Sunglasses look amazing with fall outfits too. How do you style your sunglasses in the fall? Let us know down below.

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