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How To Utilize CBD In Everyday Life

How To Utilize CBD In Everyday Life

Everyone should attempt to utilize CBD to improve their life as there are many amazing benefits with minimal risks attached. While there are hundreds of products and ways to utilize CBD available, here are some of the most common and effective ways to incorporate this plant into your lifestyle:

Use A Tincture Daily When You Wake Up To Regulate Your Systems

The most effective and efficient way to utilize CBD is by purchasing a tincture or CBD oil and dosing it every morning upon waking up as a part of your daily routine. Similar to certain pharmaceutical medications such as SSRI’s (Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitors) and anti-psychotic medication, ingesting CBD orally via a tincture or oil can take a couple of weeks before noticeable effects begin to kick in. Keep this in mind and don’t get discouraged if you don’t see a change after a week or two. Try for at least six weeks before giving up on dosing this way.

Many other methods of using CBD can have much shorter to nearly immediate effects, but are typically used in specific cases, not daily. However, gummies are a common alternative for tinctures if you do not like the taste of CBD oil or are looking for a quicker onset. When using a tincture in this way, you will experience a gentle, but noticeable lift in your mood, reduced pain and negative emotions, and a more regulated body system, particularly influencing sleep cycles and appetite.

How To Utilize CBD In Everyday Life

Reduce Pain With A Variety Of Methods

You can utilize CBD in a large selection of forms to help reduce pain and any related symptoms. CBD pain cream is becoming increasingly common and can be easily found at your local CBD realtor, gas station, grocery store, and even stores such as Family Video! There are a variety of things to try from infused coconut butter to a BioFreeze or IcyHot type gel for you to target specific areas with.

Many studies from a variety of leading universities and medical facilities discuss the medicinal benefits of CBD, largely due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Symptoms can be lessened for issues ranging from depression, nerve damage and pain, heart disease, cancer, anxiety, nausea, stress, muscle tension, and much more. While CBD has been found to be even more beneficial than just THC, the active chemical in marijuana, the two create the most potent effects when combined. These studies often show the effects of orally ingesting CBD through a tincture, though many methods of consumption will offer the medical benefits.

The quickest way to utilize CBD for its pain relief is through smoking CBD flower or vaping a concentrate or e-liquid, as these will take effect only a minute or two after your hit. Try looking for an indica if you are looking for pain relief, as it will help relax your body.

How To Utilize CBD In Everyday Life

Incorporate CBD Into Your Meals

While premade CBD edibles exist in a variety of products, the majority of items sold are drinks, snacks, or desserts. These are all fine, and easy to grab on the go, but for a more exciting option, try infusing CBD into your own meals! You can buy infused butter, olive oil, and other easy to add ingredients for an added element to your cooking.

Not only will the CBD help you from feeling too stuffed or sick after your meal, but it will also reduce nausea and increase your appetite, which is good news for any suffering from IBS, eating disorders, or anyone who generally struggles to eat regularly.

How To Utilize CBD In Everyday Life

Use Socially To Lower Anxiety

Anxiety and the related symptoms can be reduced greatly when you utilize CBD. In fact, that is one of the issues most commonly treated by CBD and has been proven to be extremely effective. While there is no shame in the use of CBD – it is a natural and legal product- it can be very discrete to use out in public if you are afraid of the societal opinion on it or being judged. Commonplace beverages and snacks such as water, coffee, honey sticks, gummy bears, and more can easily be purchased and consumed at any time. Stick in a purse or backpack to keep the title hidden or peel off the label to carry out in the open worry-free!

CBD vapes, whether you use a prefilled cartridge or e-juice, are indistinguishable from nicotine vapes. My freshman year of college, after discovering CBD honey sticks a few months prior, found myself purchasing a vape with a pod system and a bottle of CBD liquid. I carried it with me for use before class, while in social gatherings, or any other time when anxiety arose, and I found a serious reduction in symptoms within the first few uses.

How To Utilize CBD In Everyday Life

Reduce Nicotine And Other Addictions

CBD has had amazing clinical results in reducing addiction and helping addicts quit completely. While nicotine is the most commonly addressed, addictions ranging from Adderall to drinking to methamphetamines can be positively affected and lessened by the use of CBD.

Again, clinical trials and studies often focus on use with tinctures, as it can be easiest to dose with the largest amount of accuracy. However, due to the nature of wanting to utilize CBD for this reason, many people opt to smoke or vape the plant, as more closely mimics the feeling of illicit drug use. They even make CBD ciggarettes, meant to completely mimic the look and feel without any nicotine or harmful additives and chemicals.

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How To Utilize CBD In Everyday Life

Swap Out Your Normal Coffee Or Water For A CBD Infused Version

One perfect way to utilize CBD is to simply swap out your normal hydration or energy drink for the same product infused with CBD! A wide variety of options including coffee, tea, water, energy drinks, lemonades, and name-brand favourites are available to help mellow you out and regulate your mood throughout the day. I particularly like to indulge in a cup of CBD coffee, especially if it is later in the day or I’ve already had caffeine, as the CBD helps balance out the energy and keeps me from getting too jittery. 

How To Utilize CBD In Everyday Life

Other Methods To Employ

Since CBD is so good at relaxing both the body and the mind, a very common way to utilize CBD is by taking infused melatonin gummies at night. Melatonin, a naturally occurring chemical in the human body, has long been taking as a supplement to induce and regulate sleep. With the added benefit of CBD, many people who normally struggle are able to experience a good, lengthy, and restful night’s sleep without prescribed medication.

Many people also choose to use CBD infused products in their skincare and makeup routines as the anti-inflammatory effects can help prevent breakouts. I even purchased an extremely effective CBD healing lotion from the parlor where I got my first tattoo!

There are a ton of new CBD products coming out weekly now, so be sure to keep your eye out for whatever you can most easily and efficiently incorporate into your life!

How To Utilize CBD In Everyday Life

There are so many products that can help you utilize CBD in daily life, and I strongly encourage everyone to try out the amazing beneficial effects on their own! Please share this article if you found the ideas above helpful and let me know in the comments how you incorporate CBD into your life!

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