How To Use LinkedIn To Network After Graduation

Everyone wants to be on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where business and brands are marketing and advertising. But why spend so much time and energy into a platform that doesn’t benefit your well-being. Rarely are people talking about the World’s Largest Professional Network: LinkedIn. Whether you are a recent graduate, business owner or seeking employment – opportunities are pouring from this platform. Here are the tips on how to use LinkedIn to network!

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1. The most important part of your account is your profile.

Fill it as much as you can as detailed oriented as possible. Active accounts and personal updates enhance the search engines with buzzwords to match you with perfect job matches.

2. Follow Influencers and Businesses in your career field

This helps you stay connected to opportunities regarding insights, updates, and education in your business interest.

3. Tips for invitations and connections

If your social platforms aren’t as professional as your LinkedIn account, refrain from connecting with potential or current employers on non-professional sites

4. Networking and Connecting with former colleagues is a must!

They will remember you if your profile is filled out completely. That is what alumni is for after all!

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5. Endorse others for their skills

Generosity has its way of returning. Endorsements = Recommendations

6. Groups allow you a chance to get personal with professionals

This interaction too moves you closer up the ladder when employers are seeking candidates.

7. Stay as active as possible

Even if it is just to update little things on your profile here and there or making a comment on someone’s page. The more active you are, the more likely someone is to reach out to you!

8. Ask people you know to give you endorsements

If your family, friends, class mates, or former co-workers are on LinkedIn, don’t be embarrassed to ask them for endorsements. This will help to boost your profile and get more noticed by future employers!

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9. Have a strong resume/skill set listed

Make sure that you are really beefing up your resume and skills. You want to show that you are an expert in your field. Don’t leave anything out that should be included! The more experience you have the better off you are.

10. Add any work/videos/projects that show your work

The more that you can show from experience the more attention your page will get. If you have video or audio, that is always a bonus! Remember this is a page to show off your expertise to other professionals, so don’t hold back!

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Do you have any other tips for how to use LinkedIn to network after graduation!? Share in the comments below!

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Just graduated? Here's how you should be using linkedin to network!

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