How to Apply Bronzer

Using bronzer can be tricky if you don’t have experience with it. It can look cakey, streaky, and dry or make you look too orange.

How to Apply Bronzer

To be honest, I’m not a big make-up person, but these tips from Wikihow, Oprah and Cosmo have definitely helped me and I just thought I’d share.

The most important thing about using bronzer is finding the right shade. If you have fair skin, you want honey- or peach-colored bronzer so you don’t come across as too orange or red. Medium skin-tones should use bronze or gold-flecked bronzers, and dark skin-tones should have amber or tawny bronzers. Especially if you’re a novice, pick a bronzer that is no more than 2 shades darker than your skin. To test it in the store, just hold it up to your face while looking in the mirror.

Foundations tend to make bronzer look muddy, but if you going to use it, choose a shade that is one shade warmer than your skin. It will blend with the bronzer to give you the right glow. Instead of foundation, you could apply a base powder. If your face is oily or has a lot of moisture it in, it will cause the bronzer to streak, so the base powder gets rid of that risk. If your face is too dry that will cause the bronzer to look cakey, so you can apply a sheer moisturizer, or look into using a cream or liquid bronzer.


You need to have the right kind of brush. You don’t necessarily need to go out and buy a bronzer brush, but whatever you use should be wide, fluffy, and have a round top. If it’s too small or stiff, the results will be blotchy. When you are applying the bronzer, make sure to swirl your brush evenly in the powder. You only want to put a little on at a time, so tap off the extra if there is any.

Now follow the rule of 3. Make a 3 shape on either side of your face. This means that you are applying the bronzer to your forehead/hairline and temples, dusting it along your cheeks, and across your jawbone. You want to make sure you blend it into your neck. You apply the bronzer to the places where the sun hits naturally, to help highlight the glow. Without adding more bronzer, brush along your nose and neck. Like I said earlier, don’t put too much on the brush because you want to build up the color naturally. If you start with too much, you’ll have to start all over.

To finish off, you can put shimmer underneath your cheekbones and on the bridge of you nose to help highlight your face, but be careful not to use too much. Once you’ve finished, check out how it looks in the sunlight or daylight if it’s cloudy, so you can see if it looks streaky or heavy. If you’ve applied to much, you can try and blend it evenly with a cotton pad or apply a little more base powder. If this doesn’t help, then you will have to take some of it off and start again.

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