How To Turn Your Backyard Into A Movie Theater

Movie night gets even better when you get to escape the four-walled cinema to an outdoor movie theater. Here are some simple additions you can implement to transform your backyard into the ultimate movie night destination.

Identify the perfect spot to set up your theater

First of all, assess your backyard’s strengths and weaknesses. What type of ground do you have? How much space do you have? If the ground is wobbly, choose the flattest area to install your screen. The season in which you decide to migrate outside may influence your choice of spot. For example, in rainy seasons, try to locate a place with a roof or integrate a carp, which is also beneficial on sunny days. Related to weather, if planning during winter, remember to save a spot for a fire pit or heater. But, elemental to locating the perfect spot is secure and easy access to power outlets.

How To Turn Your Backyard Into A Movie Theater


Set up a movie screen

The screen will be where you will watch the movie, identify a good spot where your screen is protected from intrusive external factors like bad lighting, and place it where it can be seen at a comfortable angle. For optimal resolution and a solid backdrop, buy a portable screen, but, if you don’t mind a few wrinkles or if it’s an impromptu venture, then a plain white sheet or wall will do. To set up the sheet as a screen, you can either hang it in-between two trees with pins, the fence, or place two wooden, metallic or plastic poles for stability and tie the ends.

Set up a projector

An equally important instrument, choosing the right projector for your backyard movie theater will make a difference in your pocket, and projection. First off, the quality of the image depends on the pixels, which are the number of dots in a picture. More pixels equals more dots which is a relatively normal-sized area that equals a better image- resolution. According to Epson, a 720p is the most commonly purchased and is the economical option to the current standard 1080p for home theaters. Now, if you prefer a cordless projector or one with many ports, there is a variety to choose from. Pick the one that fits your style best.

Set up your sound system

Quality viewing should be accompanied by quality sound to complete the cinematic experience. From having at-home options like a Bluetooth speaker to more high-quality surround sound systems, choose the best available that’ll make your movie experience the best of what you have. If planning or designing a more permanent outside movie theater, an investment in a good system, that’ll cover the area is ideal. But, for a fun twist on movie night, grab your best speakers and enjoy the film.


How To Turn Your Backyard Into A Movie Theater

Pick your seats

Time to add some style to your viewing. You can give another use to your beach chairs, throw it casual with some assorted pillow and blankets, give it a stylish turn with an outdoor sofa, the possibilities range from a bucket to a lavish couch. To complement the scene, pick the right coverage for the flooring. You can get blankets, foam mats, sheets, or let it natural with grass, sand, dirt, or cement as your floor.

The most affordable and used combo is pillows and blankets since it works well with all terrains, same as beach chairs, and a sofa is very comfortable and fits plenty but requires a sturdier ground. For a very outdoorsy look, install hammocks or a cabana!


Get creative with accessories

The allure of the theater goes beyond the movie viewing, it’s the whole assemble of the ticket buying, the lighting, the posters, etc., that makes it a cinematic experience. Therefore, for a bonus, add patio lights, hang posters, or light up candles to recreate the dimmed lighted vibe you get at the movies. If you want to go all to, buy or create your own tickets, put a popcorn stand, and snacks and drinks bar. To really channel the movie theater vibe, write numbers on your chairs, break your guests’ tickets upon arrival, and get signature food and drinks containers at the snack bar.

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Snacks and drinks

No theatrical experience is complete without the munchies. Get creative and turn a regular snack bar into a cinema food stand. Popcorn, chocolate bars, candies, nachos, ice cream, and since you’re outdoors and in your home, eat a full-blown meal if you like. Same thing with drinks, free refills on all your favorite fountain drinks, juices, and if at a legal age, a spiked drink because no one’s driving. Since you’re outside, you can integrate a grilled cookout and add to the mix all those movie theater classics like hotdogs and hamburgers that make going to the movies feel like you’re at the movies.


How To Turn Your Backyard Into A Movie Theater

Program movie selection

Okay, so you have the gear, now for the fun part, choosing which movie your theater will screen. It can be a horror, musical, action, comedy, romance, independent, a new one, or oldie kinda night. With all the streaming platforms at your disposal, you can rent a Video on Demand, rent on Red Box, your DVD’s archive or digital downloads or trusty Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney +, HBO Max, and Roku. Important, make sure to secure a steady internet connection if you’re going to be using online platforms, and if possible, download the movie to your device to avoid complications.

Place the rules

To complete the movie theater feeling, you must establish some parameters so everyone can enjoy the movie and each other’s company without distractions. Therefore, like in any theater phones off! It’ll elevate the experience, allowing each person to enjoy the movie and the surrounding. Also, unless you live in a remote area where the potential neighbor is a masked serial killer, but because most of us live can’t relate, be a good neighbor and be conscious about the volume. If you want, invite them over; that’ll seal the deal.


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