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How To Trick People Into Thinking You Know About Football For Super Bowl 2020

How To Trick People Into Thinking You Know About Football For Super Bowl 2020

The Super Bowl is football’s biggest game each year and Super Bowl LIV will take place on February 2nd, 2020 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. Hard Rock Stadium is the home stadium for the Miami Dolphins, one of the 32 teams in the NFL. 

Football ranks near the top of the list for most popular/most played sports in America. According to Statista, approximately 5.22 million people in the United States played/participated in tackle football during 2018. 

In addition to The Super Bowl (also known as “The Big Game”) being football’s biggest game, it is also one of the most-watched sporting events in the entire world. The Super Bowl ranks second behind the UEFA Champions League Final (for European football (called “soccer” by Americans) clubs) in terms of the most watched-annual sporting events worldwide!


Don’t fret if you don’t know too much about or not a huge football fanatic! The main approach of this article here is to provide some facts and concepts about both the sport and football and The Big Game that non-football fans can understand/know quickly before Super Bowl LIV. With this information, those who don’t know much about football won’t look like an idiot as The Big Game is being played. 

Here are 6 Ways for How To Trick People Into Thinking You Know About Football For Super Bowl 2020: 

1. What The AFC and The NFC Are: 

In The National Football League (NFL), 32 teams belong to two conferences. There are 16 teams in each conference. The two NFL conferences are the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC).


Each year, the football teams that make the playoffs (see #2 for how the playoffs work), fight to earn the right to represent their conference in The Super Bowl. That’s right. The Super Bowl is played between the champion of the AFC and the champion of the NFC. 

How To Trick People Into Thinking You Know About Football For Super Bowl 2020

2. How the NFL Playoffs Work:

As said earlier, there are 32 football teams in the league. However, only 12 teams (six from the AFC and six from the NFC) make the NFL Playoffs each year. The six teams from each conference with the best records are the ones that qualify for the post-season. The team with the best record in each conference is given the No. 1 seed and so on. 


The NFL Playoffs last four rounds and apply for both conferences. The first round of NFL Playoffs is the wild card round where the two wildcard teams (the no. 5 and no. 6 seeds) play against the no. 3 and no. 4 seeded teams. The top two seeded teams for each conference get a bye and don’t have to play until the next round, the Divisional Playoff Round. The two remaining teams left for each conference play in their respective Conference Championship Games. The winning football team of the AFC Championship Game and the winning football team of the NFC Championship Game will play against each other in the Super Bowl. 

3. There are No Ties in the NFL Playoffs: 

Although there are no ties in football, they can happen in the NFL. The league introduced the sudden-death overtime in 1974. If both NFL teams playing are unable to score after the one ten-minute overtime period ends, the score ends in a tie. As of November 17th, 2019, there have been a total of 25 NFL Games which have ended in a tie, with the most recent one happening during the first week of the current NFL Season when the game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Detroit Lions finished in a 27-27 tie. 

However, once playoffs and The Super Bowl come, ties are not allowed. If the score is tied bu the end of the fourth quarter, the football game goes into overtime (see # for how overtime works). 


4. How Long The Game Actually Is: 

Regardless if it is a regular-season game, playoff game, and/or The Super Bowl, an NFL Football Game lasts four quarters and each one is 15 minutes long. After the first two quarters conclude, there is a halftime break before the second half of the game begins.

However, halftime is much longer for the Super Bowl due to the Halftime Show and to allow both teams more time to prepare and reset for the second half. In addition, the game won’t last just an hour as there are also timeouts, penalties, play reviews, etc. that can happen during the game. 

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If the score is tied by the end of regulation, The Super Bowl goes into overtime. Each period of overtime lasts 10 minutes maximum. Each team gets two timeouts. There are no coaches’ challenges, with officials reviewing close plays. The first team to score a touchdown wins the Super Bowl! 

5. How Professional Football Players Score:

For those who don’t know or follow the sport of football, the main way of scoring un a football came is by getting a touchdown, aka when the team on offense gets the ball into the team on defense’s end zone. The team on defense can score a touchdown as well should they make a successful interception (see #6 below). 

A touchdown is worth six points and the team on offense is given an opportunity to score an extra point by kicking the football through the field goal. Should the kick be completed, a team can score a total of seven points. 


How To Trick People Into Thinking You Know About Football For Super Bowl 2020

6. What Interceptions Are: 

An interception is when one member of the defensive team grabs the football mid-throw from the other team, the offensive side. After successfully intercepting the football, the defensive team becomes the offensive side on the next play. 

Sometimes, when the defensive team intercepts the football, the player with the ball can score a touchdown! When your football team makes a successful interception, be ready to yell and go wild with everyone else (or moan/mutter your disappoint if you are a fan of the other team). 


How To Trick People Into Thinking You Know About Football For Super Bowl 2020

After reading through this entire guide, do you have a better understanding of the game of football and what to expect for Super Bowl 2020? Be sure to let us know down in the comments section below!

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