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How To Travel On A Budget This Fall

How To Travel On A Budget This Fall

Going back to school means having a staycation during thanksgiving break, or looking at ways to travel on a budget. Depending on the circumstances it is not easy for students to travel, especially with midterms and exams around the corner. However, these are also the reasons why students can’t wait to get off campus as fast as they can. Therefore, we have come up with a few ways you can travel on a budget.

1. Groupon

Groupon is a great way students can travel on a budget because they have discount deals on recreational parks such as the Great Wolf Lodge in Ontario, and wine country such as wine tastings. Whether you are staying for a weekend or simply a day, Groupon can offer you discount sales on whatever you are looking for. If you can’t find a hotel here, then you can find discount tours or even discounts for the items you will need to purchase for your vacation.

How To Travel On A Budget This Fall

2. Airbnb 

Airbnb’s are a great way to travel on a budget when you are with a group of friends. You can easily split the cost of an Airbnb with some friends, and still have enough money in your budget to enjoy your vacation. Depending on the circumstances, you can even manage to pack a few people in a small Airbnb.

For instance, if it was you and three of your friends, you can easily get a two-bed apartment and two people can sleep in two beds. You could even fit a fifth person in as well, as they can sleep on the couch. Therefore, the price of the place may be cheaper than renting an Airbnb for one bed per person.

How To Travel On A Budget This Fall

3. Motels & Hostels

Motels have been known to be a cheaper alternative to a hotel if you want to travel on a budget. Although they are mostly known for people who are simply passing through cities overnight, they can be good to use for one or two days while on vacation. Although, for security purposes who suggest you keep your valuables at home or close to you. Depending on how small the city you are visiting, you might only have the option of renting a room at a motel. On the other hand, hostels are less private but more affordable.

Instead of renting a room for the night, you would rent a bed or bunk bed for a night or two. You would have a place to sleep, but you would be sharing it with a complete stranger. You will also be sharing a kitchen, bathroom, and lounge with the stranger(s) as well.

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4. Rent a Trailer

Renting a trailer may be a good option if you want to travel on a budget for a few reasons. First, if you are not going far then it might be cheaper than buying a plane ticket. Second, if you are traveling with friends, then you can split the cost of the rent and gas amongst yourselves. Third, while driving you may find some off the beaten path places that are great to visit.

In this case, renting a trailer is beneficial for those of you who want to travel but don’t know where. If you want to travel to New Brunswick from Ontario, you can easily rent a trailer and enjoy the scenic route across Canada with friends. It is a great way to have fun and spend quality time with your close friends.

How To Travel On A Budget This Fall

 How will you travel on a budget? Let us know down below!

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