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How To Transition Summer Clothes To Fall

When the nights get longer, it’s a little chillier and the leaves begin to fall you may feel like you have to put away all of your summer clothes; except you don’t have to. While fall and summer are two very distinct seasons that doesn’t mean they’re like day and night. Rather than completely overhaul your wardrobe there is a time when you can transition your summer clothes into fall. While it may feel impossible to hold onto your summer clothes that simply isn’t the case. Below is a list of ways of how to transition your summer clothes into fall! 

Add Tights & A Leather Jacket

September doesn’t mean you have to put away all of your summer dresses. Instead, opt for pairing them with different accessories rather than your normal summer clothes. Partner your sleeveless dresses with sheer tights and layer a leather jacket over it. These two little addons will completely change the tone of your dress. Not only will you look rocker chic you’ll also stay nice and warm after the autumn sun goes down. 

Cardigans & Closed Toe Shoes

You’ll become well acquainted with cardigans during this transitional period. Instead of just wearing jeans and a shirt, put on an oversized cardigan. Not only will you be cute, but you’ll also be comfortable and warm. Of course, you’ll want to swap out any sandals or open-toe shoes too. Instead put on a pair of booties, like the ones in the photo below. 

Shirt Under A Dress

If you’re holding onto your summer dresses don’t you dare put away any of your slip dresses either. While these garments tend to be thin you can warm them up with a long-sleeved shirt under them. It’s very 90’s and very sensible and very cute. Plus layering a shirt underneath a dress will save you from having to worry about a jacket.


Fall is definitely boots season. Wear a great pair of thigh-high boots with any of your summer clothes and viola! You have an entirely new outfit. Even if you’re not sure of thigh-high boots there is an infinite amount of boots to select from. Make sure you choose boots in more earth tones, to ensure they fit in with the fall vibe!

Warmer Colors

Speaking of warmer colors they’re the next tip. The same summer clothes you wear all season only in dark colors will make you look like an entirely new person. This tip is especially good for people who don’t actually live in a place it gets cold. If you want to embrace fall but not lose your cooler staples simply look for them in warmer colors. Or just pair your summer clothes with warmer pieces and accessories!

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Layers Are Your Best Friends

On the flipside, if you do live in a place it gets colder layers are your best friends. Fall is a season that you can either be too hot or too cold, and that just isn’t fun trying to figure out. Instead of guessing and getting it wrong make sure you’re always prepared. This will also ensure you can wear your summer clothes a lot longer because you’re simply wearing them underneath mounds of layers. 

Sweater Over A Maxi Dress

If you’re like many a staple in your summer clothes are maxi dresses. If that’s true it can be difficult to say goodbye to those ethereal pieces, but you don’t have to. Instead of letting them collect dust pair them with a loose, cropped sweater. You’ll be warm but yet exceed cool confidence. Bonus points if you can find a great pair of combat boots!

How will you transition your summer clothes? Comment below!

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