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How To Throw The Ultimate Bro Brunch For Your Guy Friends

How To Throw The Ultimate Bro Brunch For Your Guy Friends

Usually in today’s times, when you hear anything about going out for brunch, the instant thought that comes to mind is a bunch of pretty women relentlessly downing bottomless mimosas in between every bite of the meal they have in front of them. Either that, or it’s an immediate thought of your grandmother and all of her lifelong friends going out for their routine Sunday brunch to collectively play crossword puzzles and catch up on the happenings of the week.

But who said women were the only ones able to enjoy the festivities of a good ole-fashioned brunch? Men may do things a little different, like impromptu planning and most likely less formal clothing, but that doesn’t mean we should be completely and automatically exempt from a brunch with our friends. Occasionally hitting a restaurant and kicking it with the fellas should be normalized, too!

A “bro brunch” if you will, (corny name, I know, just roll with it). Here’s how to plan one and guarantee it to be lit!

1. Everyone Has To Agree

The first step to the ultimate bro brunch is assuring that everyone in the group can agree on where to eat. Most times this shouldn’t be a hassle, but depending on the pickiness of the members in your group, you want to double-check just to be one-hundred percent sure. The last thing you want to do is have to make a pit-stop for fast-food on the way to your next destination because the original restaurant didn’t have a menu expansive enough to satisfy everyone’s hunger.

Again, just to reiterate, make sure everyone is cool with wherever you plan to go. It’ll surely save you time down the line.

How To Throw The Ultimate Bro Brunch For Your Guy Friends

2. Your Surroundings

As men, most of the time we don’t care too much for the ambiance unless we’re going on a date and we want to impress the lady we’re taking. If it’s just a bro brunch with the guys, who cares? 

However, a spot that’s likely to have pretty women at an adjacent table is worth going out the way for. If you’re in tune with the overall culture in your city and happen to know the new, popular brunch spots that women have been hitting lately, why not check it out? Don’t go with the intent to be creepy, of course, but naturally, all men know that the company of pretty women adds value to any scenario, so keep that in mind when decided where to go.

Better pretty women than old grandmas solving crossword puzzles, right?

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How To Throw The Ultimate Bro Brunch For Your Guy Friends

3. Hit The Streets

Think of your bro brunch as the pre-game. You go, get a nice lil’ meal, completely demolish the bottomless mimosas if you decide to take advantage, then you hit the streets – ready to get into some trouble. If the universe permits and you followed the previous step we mentioned, playing your cards right could help you exercise your best case scenario by making plans with the group of women that were sitting at the table next to you. Either way it goes, the bro brunch can serve as the starting point of the day. Pace yourself! In the wise words of Drake, “You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning.” (or afrernoon-ish in this case)

How To Throw The Ultimate Bro Brunch For Your Guy Friends

There’s No Exact Blueprint

Honestly, your bro brunch is what you make of it. Like we said, it can essentially serve as your starting point or meet-up point. Link up, kick it, catch up on what hasn’t been spoken about in the group message, and prepare for a lit day!

Have you planned a bro brunch? How was it? Let us know in the comments!

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