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How To Throw The Ultimate Bachelor Party For You And The Gals

This season of The Bachelor is coming to an end. What better way to celebrate than a Bachelor-themed party? You’re probably asking yourself how to throw the ultimate Bachelor party for you and the gals? Well, I have you covered, there are a few essentials you need to throw a good Bachelor party. If you’re anything like my friends, you’ve been glued to your television every Monday night rooting for Colton. Like every season of The Bachelor, there has been laughter, tears, and some down-right confusion. Now it’s time to celebrate and throw the ultimate Bachelor party.

1. Bachelor Bingo

For your ultimate Bachelor party, you need to have Bachelor bingo! It’s a great way to keep the entertainment going when a commercial break hits! Also, you’re able to make this yourself and tailor it to your audience. My friends and I love Bachelor bingo, it’s so entertaining, and it gives us a great laugh.

Some ideas for this season are, who will get lucky in the Fantasy Suite, who will get a rose to first, etc. There are plenty of options to put on your card! Create your fun with your version of Bachelor bingo this week!

2. Rose Wall

It’s not a party without an Instagramable wall! To create the ultimate Bachelor party, put up a rose wall! It’s super easy, and everyone will love it! This Bachelor-themed wall will add to the decor and will help you all get in the mood to watch The Bachelor.

All you need are fake roses (or real if you prefer) and scatter them on an open wall. If you want more than just roses, you can add a phrase like the one in this picture. It makes it even cuter!

3. Wine

It’s not a Bachelor party without some wine. Sometimes to get through the awkwardness of meeting the parents or a lousy one-on-one you need some wine. Red, white, rose any kind will do; if you’re not a wine person, no biggie. Any alcohol will do in this situation.

Along with your wine, you can turn your Bachelor party into a drinking game. Drink every time dramatic music comes on, someone says, “I’m falling for you,” or anytime two people kiss.

4. Fantasy Sweets Table

Fantasy suites are coming up during these final weeks, and we’re all anxious to see what’s going to happen. Take this Bachelor classic and create a sweets table from it. Along with all that wine you’re going to be sipping, you need something more in your stomach. That’s why it’s such a great idea to create this sweets table.

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Cake, chocolate covered strawberries, licorice are all great options when it comes to your sweets table. It’s also fun to incorporate favorites of the cast. You can either make everything homemade or pick these sweets up from the store. Always have desserts to create the ultimate Bachelor viewing party.

5. Bachelor Inspired Sign

To create the ultimate Bachelor party, you need to have some decor. Along with your rose wall, create a sign. Use famous phrases from the show to create the perfect Bachelor viewing space. You can put these signs on the wall, bar cart, or even your dessert table. They’re simple to make, and you can make them however you want.

If you’re fortunate, you’ll be able to find one at Hobby Lobby or another craft store! This is an easy way to get your place ready for the ultimate Bachelor viewing party. I love the sign below!

Which of these ideas will you use to create the ultimate Bachelor party?
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