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How To Throw The Greatest Fourth Of July Party In 2021

For some, the Fourth of July is about celebrating the birth of this remarkable country of America. For others, it’s about celebrating summer freedom and summer fun! And, drinking of course. If you want to throw a Fourth of July party worth remembering, it better be incredibly fun, and you better bring the booze! From pools to food to drinks to games to music, here are some tips on how to throw the wildest and great Fourth of July Party in 2021!

1. Fourth of July Party Drinks

If you’re looking to have a successful Fourth of July party, the first thing you’ll need is the alcohol. People love to drink on Independence Day, since they generally have it off from work. This year, the fourth happens to fall on a Sunday, which means the official national observation of the holiday is on the following Monday. So (most) people are off Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, which makes for an absolutely perfect weekend to party like it’s 1776! If you’re throwing a Fourth of July party this year, you have to be ready for anything!

Start the celebration off right with oodles of booze. Grab some beer for the basic boys, some wine for the classy girls, and some hard stuff to mix with some fruit juice for anybody else and you should be all set for an awesome Fourth of July party! If you want to step it up a notch, be sure to get some vodka, and gelatin mix for Jello shots! Red, white, and blue Jello shots make for a perfectly patriotic boozy treat!


2. Fourth of July Party Food

If you’re throwing almost any type of party, you should definitely have some type of meal planned. For the Fourth of July, many people opt to grill, since July 4th is right at the start of the summer, which is a great time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. If you decide to grill, think about your guests, as well as yourself. Throwing a larger party? You should probably stick to hotdogs and hamburgers to keep the costs down. Only having a few people over? Maybe grill a few pieces of chicken and some steak to give yourselves an extra special celebration.

Are you having vegetarians over? Consider a salad and a fruit platter. Offer desserts as well, such as cookies, brownies, or cupcakes, if you’re looking for something simple and easy. Or, if you’re trying to be a little extra patriotic, make a cake or a pie that looks like the American flag. Or perhaps try some other red, white, and blue-themed recipes. The more effort you put into planning your Fourth of July party, the more fun you’ll have!


3. Fourth of July Party Sparklers

If you happen to live somewhere where Class C fireworks (small-sized fireworks, like sparklers) are sold and legalized, you should totally get some sparklers! Once the sun goes down and the nation’s cities erupt in choruses of loud, booming fireworks, it’s time to pull out your own! Sparklers are fairly safe, as they are long, thin sticks that have a decent-sized gripping section that does not include the material that lights up when lit. 

Stick a bunch of sparklers in the ground and light them for a pretty light show, or simply hold them and listen as the little pops and booms echo from the bright sparkles that are flying off of the sparkler. No matter what you do with sparklers, just remember to always remain cautious and alert while using them, and do NOT allow children to use them, especially when unsupervised. Have fun and stay safe!


4. Fourth of July Party Games

Every party is more fun when there are games to play! There are, of course, different games that are enjoyable to different age groups, so we’ll focus on adult fun for this article. An especially fun game that always seems to draw in players of all types, is beer pong! Simply buy some red and blue Solo cups, and place them interchangeably in a triangular pattern on each end of a large table. Invest in a few ping pong balls, and some beer, of course, and boom! You’ve got all you need to play a mean red and blue-themed game of beer pong!

See Also

For something a bit more innocent, but still fun, there’s a drinking game called corn hole! Corn hole is played with a long platform that is slightly raised on one end. On that same end is a small, circular hole for which to try and sink small bean bags into. You only need two longboards, something to lift an end with, and a few bean bags to play this game! Or, you could order a set online. Either way, you could paint it red, white, and blue to give it a true patriotic theme!

5. Fourth of July Pool Party

If you are lucky enough to have a pool, especially a large pool, then a Fourth of July pool party is the way to go! Since July is actually the first full month of the summer season, it tends to be fairly hot and humid on Independence Day. This makes it a perfect day to kick off the summer in style! Gather all your closest friends, get some booze, and throw a pool party to celebrate the birth of America!


You can make this pool party Fourth-of-July-themed by wearing an American flag or stars and stripes patterned swimsuit. You could also get some patriotic pool floats for yourself and your guests to lounge in the summer sun with. Decorate your deck, patio, or yard with some red, white, and blue lights for an extra special yet practical addition to any existing theme you have going on! Add to the Fourth of July vibe by playing a patriotic party playlist that’ll get anyone on their feet and dancing poolside!

How will YOU throw the greatest Fourth of July party this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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