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How To Throw The Best Football Parties

Football season is almost here. If you’re looking to throw the best football party of the season this list is for you. Below are a few tips and tricks on how to throw the best viewing party. It doesn’t have to be Super Bowl Sunday to throw an excellent football party. 

1. Counter Display

This matters a lot. Find the largest table top space in your house and set everything up there. You don’t want your guests wasting precious game time running around your house trying to find drinks and condiments.  

2. Reusable Mason Jar Cups

This is a great trick if you’re going to be hosting a lot of football parties this season and don’t want to go through a lot of disposable cups. Decorate them with some white washi tape, so that way it’s removable, and put multicolored straws in the drinks. Plus add little flags so that way your guests can know which mason jar is theirs. You won’t have to worry about one forgetful guest accidentally using fifteen cups in one game. 

3. Fun Sign

This is a cute little football inspired sign. What’s cute about this sign is that you can write a whole bunch of things on it. You could write what’s on the menu, words of encouragement for the team or even the score. 

4. Water Container

What’s nice about this is it’ll show your guests you’re really leaning into the whole football theme of the party. Here your guests will know exactly where the water is. The little sign is also extremely cute. Plus you can keep on eye on it as well, to make sure your guests won’t run out of water before the game is over. 

5. Centerpieces

You’re going to want to make sure you have some cute, football inspired centerpieces. What’s nice about the one below is it’s festive without being too over the top. Get a cute little chalkboard to write words of encouragement for your team on as well. 

6. Utensil Holders

Mason jars are wonderful for all the different ways you can use them. Get some mason jars, or reuse some pasta sauce containers, and paint them. You can turn them into footballs, the terf or even the refs jacket. From there place whatever utensils you’re going to need for your football party. 

7. Football Cake

While football parties don’t really require a cake that doesn’t mean they can’t have one. If you’re feeling like going all out, maybe it’s homecoming week or a special rival game you’re watching, consider having a football cake like the one below. It’s wonderfully over the top. 

8. Football Cups

If you aren’t too keen on the idea of doing a lot of dishes once the game and party is over consider using some disposable cups. Red solo cups aren’t all red, they come in a variety of different colors. Find some that come in brown and use a white sharpie to draw on the stitching of a football. Leave out the marker so that way your guests can use it to write their names on it to thwart any kind of confusion. 

9. Drink Display Holder

Another great way to store drinks is like the picture below. Find a large enough bucket, fill it with ice and place your water bottles, pop or beer in it. Then add a goal post to make it extra festive. The yellow goal post below is made of painted pvc pipes but you can make your goal post out of something as simple as paper towel rolls. 

10. Condiments Display

You can’t forget about the condiments. Make sure your guests know exactly where everything is and what everything is. These little buckets are too cute. Plus they have little labels you can write on so that way everyone knows what everything is. You won’t risk friends accidentally mixing ketchup with mustard if you also make sure each bucket has its own fork or spoon. 

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11. Dessert Cups

These dessert sweet treats are too cute. Your guests will applaud how footbally friendly you are plus they’re easy for your guests to manage. They come in what you would serve them in. It doesn’t matter what you decide to put in the little jars as dessert just make sure to put a brownie football on top for extra points. 

12. Individual Snacks

The thing about football parties is that your guests are coming to do mainly one thing, watch football. You don’t want your guests to be worried about spilling food in your living room or forced to sit in a dining room without a TV. While you can make actual food for your guests to enjoy before the game your best bet is to create snacks, like the ones below, that your guests can enjoy during the game. The best part about these snacks are that they are individually packaged, meaning your guests won’t have to worry about serving sizes or having to pile them onto a not so sturdy plastic plate. 

13. Fun Drinks

Similar to the water break idea above create a drink made specifically for touchdowns. It’s in a fun color, although it doesn’t have to be alcoholic, which makes it extra festive. Your guests can sip on this throughout the game or better yet only have some whenever your team makes a touchdown. Hopefully it will all be gone when the game is over. 

14. Colorful Team Drinks

While these drinks below are made for Packer fans it’s the idea you’re going to want to steal. Find a recipe for a drink that is made up of your team colors. Your friends will be impressed at your attention to detail if you’re able to whip up some fun drinks in your teams colors. 

15. Napkins

You can’t forget about napkins. Make sure your guests know exactly where these are by placing them in a bucket like the one below. Plus your guests will surely appreciate this football pun. The bright neon yellow of the napkins are also a fun touch. These being out and easy to get to will make sure your guests won’t make a party foul by accidentally spilling anything. 

What ideas will you incorporate for your next football party? Comment below!
Shelby Filangi

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