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How To Throw A Fall Party Two Different Ways

Pumpkin spice lattes are being consumed by the gallon, watching Hocus Pocus on repeat is finally socially acceptable, and overspending on fall-scented candles is simply a way of life; the long anticipated season of fall is finally making its way back, and attempting to capture the essence of it all in a single get-together can be overwhelming. To make things a little easier, here are some tips on how to throw a fall party to kick-off your happiest fall season yet and get you into your best pumpkin spice state of mind.

Tips to Throw a Fall Party: Halloween Edition

Being able to show off your super hot costume and celebrate with your closest (100) friends is probably one of the most exciting events fall has to offer. Throw an epic Halloween-themed party with these ideas for lighting, decorations, and seasonal twists on classic party games.

1. Go all out with the decorations.

Halloween parties are the best time to get a little bit extra with your party decorations, and similar to the amount of times you can watch mean girls, the limit does not exist. Cover any blank walls with copious amounts of fake spider webs, bat figures, and creepy spiders (preferably those of the giant, fuzzy sort). Lighting is another extremely crucial element to capture the vibe of your party. Go above and beyond by purchasing an LED light that will capture the dark, mysterious, and haunting mood that Halloween is all



2. Create the perfect photo opp.

Since your Halloween party is going to be all that anyone is talking about for the next month, be sure to set up an area for your friends to capture the moment. Create a Dexter-esque photo scene by splattering fake blood on thrifted or worn out white sheets, and easily hang them up with push pins. Enter at your own risk.

3. Make sure you have games.

A party is simply incomplete without beer pong. Instead of purchasing the overused red solo cup, opt for special edition orange ones and pair with “eyeball” ping pong balls as seen below!

4. Don’t forget about the food and drinks.

When it comes to throwing a party that everyone is guaranteed to love, there are two ingredients that are absolutely essential: drinks and munchie food. Punch in a bowl is a staple for Halloween parties, and the perfect way to offer drinks to a large audience. We can’t promise that it won’t be spiked, but we CAN promise that if you follow this recipe it will be sure to taste good regardless. Add dry ice for extra spookiness!

Throw together a delicious Halloween trail-mix (featuring pretzel’s, bugles, candy corn, Chex mix, and M&m’s) in a large themed bowl. Your guests will be extremely grateful for your concoction when the munchies start to get real. For the great recipe seen below, click here.

5. And always have a “killer” playlist.

So you’re in need of an amazing playlist, but the CD that you listened to in class for your 5th grade Halloween party (feat. Monster Mash) probably won’t cut it. Update your playlist with some adult Halloween songs that are sure to put your elementary school feels to rest (in peace) forever. (Check out “The Sinister Newbie” playlist on Spotify.)

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Tips to Throw a Fall Party: Festive Edition

Halloween ragers have the potential to be the party of the year, which means they are anything but low-key. Keep scrolling for helpful tips on how to throw a fall party that’s a bit on the more intimate side; an adorable backyard autumn get-together that friends, and even family, are welcome to enjoy!

1. Food, Food, Food

To create an adorable and healthy spread (which we all know is sure to end up on Instagram), decorate a food tray with delicious fruits, nuts, turkey and ham. This is a perfect way to feed your guests before the main course without adding too much to your overall budget. Top off with fresh rosemary for extra aesthetic points.

See Also

Need something quick and easy that is almost sure to satisfy all of your guests? Slow-cooker chili is your new best friend. Simply toss beans, tomatoes, ground beef, and spices into your crock pot, and let the machine work its magic. This recipe is essential if you’re in a bind for time yet want to serve your guests something homemade. Get the full recipe here!

Last but certainly not least, prepare a s’mores dessert station for all to enjoy after the main course. This idea is super cute and a stress free way to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. Separate the marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers in 3 transparent jars (as seen below) to create an affordable dessert spread that your guests can interact with. Let’s be honest, enjoying s’mores by the fire is just something we will never grow out of.

2. Again, decor is crucial.

Centerpieces are a perfect way to turn an average dinner into an autumn feast. Place decorative pumpkins (pick some up at your local Hobby Lobby or Michaels!) in a glass jar to create a seasonal and affordable look for your table. Feel free to spice this piece up by adding firefly lights or fall scented candles.


Enjoy a starry night on any given date by incorporating Christmas/Globe lights all throughout your backyard. Soft lighting is often necessary for casting a subtle glow, and can create the perfect vibe for nightfall. Break out your old Christmas lights early this year, or grab some for a low price at Target or Walmart to achieve this beautiful setting!


Do you have any other tips on how to throw a fall party? Share in the comments!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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