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How To Talk To Your Partner About STDs Before Having Sex

How To Talk To Your Partner About STDs Before Having Sex

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Some things in life you just have to be straight forward about. What’s more important, avoiding embarrassment in front of someone you’re already planning on getting naked with, or keeping your body safe and healthy and your mind at ease? I try to think of it this way, everyone knows that STDs exist, so we shouldn’t be afraid to discuss them anymore. But if you’re a little unsure on what to say, how to say it, or how to go about it, here’s a few ways you can talk to your partner about STDs before having sex with them.

Bring It Up When You’re Not Having Sex

Since the topic can be sort of a mood killer, or just awkward (for some), you can try talking about STDs when you’re not about to have sex. Maybe casually mention in a text that you’re on your way to a clinic to check your bodily status, because you feel like you might want to move forward soon, and you want to be sure about yourself before you do.

Also mention that it’s because you care about them too. This could definitely get them interested. If they’re understanding and not put-offish you can take it further and ask if they want to do something like that too or if they have any intentions to sleep with you. This can subtly let them know that you expect them to be clean because you plan to be so yourself before having sex.

Showing Them The Alts

Another way to talk to your partner about STDs, that is actually tricky, forward, and shocking, is to randomly show them the alternative to being clean. Say one day you’re hanging out at home or wherever watching a movie or staring at your lap tops. Go to a website about sexually transmitted diseases, or search up some memes or gifs about them and shout “OMG ew look at this!” (no offense at all, if you’re going through something) and you’ll get their attention.

The pretentiousness about it is kind of like lying but your intentions are true and the truthful part is being initiated by doing this so…don’t feel bad. When you have their attention mention that you two should probably get tested together or check yourselves for any odd looking goings-on in case you ever decide you want to have sex. This way there’ll be a mutual understanding as to why you need to find out.

Always Know Your Stuff And Take A Peek

This concept is sort of a last resort for a circumstance that I don’t really recommend, but to each his own so if you find yourself in this predicament then this might be the plan you need. First off, as soon as you’re done reading this, if you don’t already know your stuff about STDs, do some research so you know what to look for. What bumps and sores are what, and what symptoms represent what.

See Also

I’m no doctor so I’m not going to get into the details. The CDC link can be your starter guide. But if you’re in the situation where you’re going to sleep with someone randomly without enough forewarning to get tested, then it will definitely help that you know what to look for, because you’re going to do a search before you touch. As your friend I am telling you to pull back skins, lift up flaps, open holes and definitely peek around the corners before you start rubbing anything. If anything looks off, take a rain check and talk to your partner about it. Better safe than sorry.

STDs are prevalent and numerous and can affect anyone. Talk to your partner about STDs before sex because after it will be too late. Some have long-lasting and permanent effects that can change your life. A quickie really isn’t worth that at all. Also the cleaner it is, the more fun you can have!

What are some ways you’ve talked to your partner about STDs before having sex? If you think these ideas are fool-proof, let me know in the comments!