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How To Take Your Ear Piercings To The Next Level

How To Take Your Ear Piercings To The Next Level

Piercings are addicting. There, I said it! I got the first piercing on my ear lobes at a young age at a Piercing Pagoda in the mall, and got the second piercing next to the first on my lobes in high school. When I went away to college, I did the typical ~Freshman~ thing and got my nose pierced, and later got two more piercings on my cartilage. I have a Pinterest board of what to get pierced on my ear next. Here are some ways to take your ear piercings to the next level, no matter your style.

Double lobe

For those who are a bit more simple, the double lobe is good because it is just a little bit more bling than just one love piercing. An added second lobe piercing can easily compliment the first lobe piercing, based on the jewelry that you pick. In my double lobe, I have tried a couple different earring combinations. Some of my favorite include a larger pearl in the front piercing and a smaller pearl in the second lobe. You can do that similarly with diamonds, so a larger diamond in the first hole and a smaller diamond in the second hole behind it. Another option can be two small hoops, that hug your lobe, right next to each other on the lobe. 


For a look with much more bling, you can stack your piercings up your ear. Why stop at just two piercings on your lobe, when you can continue to keep the piercings going up your ear. From your lobe up to your cartilage, there is lots of space on your ear for you to stack the earrings next to each other and up your ear. On one of my ears, I have two smaller diamonds stacked next to each other up on my cartilage, atop the two down on my lobe. The symmetry that stacked piercings create are super satisfying, and makes it all look way more put together. 


How To Take Your Ear Piercings To The Next Level


For the minimalist, there are many different ways to make your earring game match your style. Opt for just one piercing on your lobe, maybe one up on your cartilage, and a small one as well somewhere like your tragus. When it comes to the minimalist look, it doesn’t necessarily matter how many piercings you have or where they are, but instead what jewelry you choose to put in them. I have seen some people execute the minimalist look with all small diamonds, that way it all is a dainty look and all matches nicely. This can also be done with, for example, all gold jewelry that is simple in its style. Maybe in your lobe you have a small gold hoop, and up on your cartilage you have a small gold ball. This minimalist look is guaranteed to match with whatever style you opt for. 

Everything forward

Having everything forward on your ear, as in closer to your face as opposed to the outer of your ear, you create alignment on your ear and this is satisfying to look at. Some examples of this include, tragus, forward helix, daith, and on your lobe. By having ear piercings in these places, they are all further forward on your ear and can be relatively aligned with each other. 


How To Take Your Ear Piercings To The Next Level


Adding a pop of color to your ear can help brighten up any outfit, or add some character to your overall look. By having multiple different colors throughout all the earrings in your ear, you are more likely to get more eyes on your piercings. This will draw more attention to you and your look. You can opt for some color in your ear piercings by making all your earrings one bright color, and coordinate them to your outfit! If changing multiple ear piercings every day is too much effort for you, you can also just have multiple different colors throughout all of them, so that they’ll always match what you’re wearing, and it doesn’t look like you’re trying to make them match, and you won’t have to worry about that!

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All one metal

I love this look because I think it looks so sophisticated. If you have all gold jewelry on your ear, for example, you can have all different styles, but them all be the same color metal so they coordinate and accent each other nicely. This also makes buying new earrings easier because if you have just one color scheme, you know that anything you buy in that color metal is pretty much guaranteed to match. I love the look of a couple gold hoops, and then maybe a gold ball or star or something like that. You can also incorporate some diamonds into this look if you want too, as long as the base color still matches the scheme. 

How To Take Your Ear Piercings To The Next Level


Having all diamond studs in one ear is what I currently am styling! I have one bigger diamond in my first lobe piercing, and a smaller diamond in my second lobe piercing. Then, up on my cartilage, I have two of the same size diamond up next to each other in my two cartilage piercings. And then I have a very small diamond stud in my nose piercing. I just like that everything matches and in the morning while getting ready, I don’t have to worry about my earrings at all. I think it’s a really classy and professional look, which I love. It’s much more grown up, and if you get the right earrings, they are low maintenance! You don’t need to buy earrings that are real diamonds, but get ones that are at least sterling silver (I prefer ones that come straight from my piercer for any ear piercings other than my lobes) so that your ears aren’t turning green!

Which ear piercing are you getting next to bring your ear piercings to the next level? Are you sticking with one color scheme, or trying many different colors on one ear? Let us know!

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