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How To Take The Best Fall Foliage Pics For Your Insta

How To Take The Best Fall Foliage Pics For Your Insta

The shift in weather isn’t the only main thing that occurs during the season of fall. Autumn is best known for its fall foliage, when the trees’ leaves change from green to gold, orange and red. There are so many places across the country and the world that people can go to experience the fall foliage.

Regardless of where one visits, the fall foliage scenery is breathtaking and everyone’s photos will look awesome when they post them on Instagram. There are several ways in which one can elevate the way he or she takes their fall foliage pics that will stand out on their Insta accounts. Here are 5 tips for how to take the best fall foliage pics for your Insta: 

1. Shoot in RAW:

If you want the colors of the leaves to pop in your fall foliage pics, the best way to obtain that is by shooting the photos in RAW. Photos with bright colors draw tons of likes on Insta and other social media platforms. On the camera, the RAW setting enables one to alter the saturation and vibrance, in addition to other editors such as the exposure and white balance. Using RAW also helps in making little tweaks after getting the shots. 

How To Take The Best Fall Foliage Pics For Your Insta

2. Light and Time:

One must use the light to their advantage while snapping fall foliage pics. While there are many beautiful photos taken with any type of lighting, The “Golden Hour” is the most ideal light to capture your fall foliage pics. Golden Hour Light happens twice a day: right after sunrise and before sunset. Shots with this type of lighting offer high vibrancy and produce striking images that will make your Insta account popular. 

The worst lightings for your fall foliage pics are direct sunlight and high noon. It is best to avoid taking photos with that particular light source and time of day. 

How To Take The Best Fall Foliage Pics For Your Insta

3. Consider New Perspectives:

Creative photos tend to get a lot of likes on Insta. Keep this in mind as you go around the area snapping fall foliage pics. One idea includes focusing on a single leaf (hanging on a branch, floating in the water, to name a few ideas) and zooming in to capture its’ details. Another suggestion is exploring the area around the foliage and planning out where you want to snap the photos and what angles you can do it from. 

How To Take The Best Fall Foliage Pics For Your Insta

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4. Weather and the Kinds of Images Produced:

Any type of weather will result in amazing fall foliage pics. However, depending on what the weather conditions are on the day you take your photos, you have to know the types of images that you will end up getting. When it’s an overcast day, the gray skies won’t tarnish the images; instead, they help the foliage feel more saturated in the shot. If it’s a windy day, use the wind to your advantage for creative photos. For example, capture the movement of the leaves and this will present a motion-blurred image. Chilly mornings (see photo below) are the best time to snap fall foliage pics by the waterfront (lake, river, and/or waterfall). The misty haze makes the photos unique and mysterious. 

How To Take The Best Fall Foliage Pics For Your Insta

5. Bring a Tripod:

If you decide to take some fall foliage pics of the landscape, be sure to bring a tripod with you. Using a tripod offers several benefits for landscape photos, such as flattening out moving water (ex: a waterfall) in the fall scene, keeping blurs out of the shot, and maintaining a sharp scene. If you want to take a long exposure shot, a tripod is necessary in order to obtain this type of shot.  

How To Take The Best Fall Foliage Pics For Your Insta

With these tips, are you excited to make your fall foliage pics look even better for Instagram? Which ones do you plan to use? Let us know in the comments section below!

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