How To Take Perfect Instagram Pictures

In our day and age, social media plays a great role. If you haven’t posted about something online then it just never happened. That is why a lot of us desire to take our profiles a bit more seriously and post only perfect Instagram pictures. However, even if we think something looks good, it doesn’t always get the recognition we think it deserves. This is why I created a little guide on how to take perfect Instagram pictures to get your profile popping.

1. Avoid using flash

Especially if you are using your phone to take pictures. It’s not a good source to lighten your pictures, it makes them unnatural and without dimension. Any face will look flat, washed down and a little sweaty and that is not what you want! Instead, try using natural lighting and if it’s not as good as you would like it to, you can always edit the picture later a bit, but avoid flash at all cost to get that perfect Instagram picture! How to take perfect Instagram pictures

2. Try to create symmetry in your photos

Symmetry is very pleasing to look at, try it yourself – I feel like we are always drawn to pictures in which everything seems to be in the right place. While looking on the screen when you’re taking a picture, envision a straight line going through the middle of it. Try to make sure there are similar elements on both sides of that line. Don’t worry if you don’t get it perfectly – just edit that picture later on!

How to take perfect Instagram pictures

3. Balance your composition with the Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio allows you to achieve the perfect balance in your pictures that will astonish all your followers. If you Google it, the first things that will pop up are mathematical equations. Don’t worry – you don’t have to understand that to take good pictures. I  found this really helpful article that explains it all really well, so if you are interested, go over to!

How to take perfect Instagram pictures

4. Don’t forget about depth in your pics

When you’re taking photos, try thinking about the bigger picture. Pay attention to the background. Sometimes it can add to the effect, create something even more beautiful. If it’s not flat and forgotten, it can actually bring a lot to the overall effect. Bear that in mind next time when you’re out taking pictures.

How to take perfect Instagram pictures

5. Use HDR

Your phone has a setting in its camera called HDR and you probably don’t use that often when taking pictures – and that’s your mistake! Just try for yourself – take one normal picture and one with HDR turned on. The results are astonishing – you are left with better lighting, which when you’re taking pictures is one of the most important things to think about when snapping photos.

How to take perfect Instagram pictures

6. Take pictures during the Golden Hour

The golden hour takes place shortly after sunrise and just before sunset. If you want to take beautiful pictures outside, google at what time the golden hour will be and go then. The light is much softer and warmer giving all your photos a mesmerising look.

How to take perfect Instagram pictures

7. Don’t ever use zoom on your phone

Even if you feel like something is too far away and you want the picture to focus on it more – never use zoom your phone. Why? It really brings down the quality of your photos and even if it’s just a little bit – don’t you want to take pictures as good as possible? That’s why just take the photo normally and edit it later by simply cropping it – the quality will stay the same and you’ll have the desired effect!

How to take perfect Instagram pictures

8. Let your personal style guide you

Be original. It’s your Instagram page and you want your followers to get to know you a bit better and the style of pictures you post also has an effect on that! What’s more, it that means breaking any rules mentioned in this article, it’s totally okay. It’s all about you loving the pictures, right?

How to take perfect Instagram pictures

What are your tips to make perfect Instagram pictures? Let us know in the comments down below!

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