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How To Switch It Up When You’re Tired Of Your Look

How To Switch It Up When You’re Tired Of Your Look

If you're tired of your look then why not try switching it up? Go for a new hairstyle or mix up you're wardrobe. Here's how you can change yourself!

Tired of your look? Well, everyone needs an awesome makeover once in a while. It’s like moving the furniture around to make your place look different and new again. I usually dye my hair a new color, put in a texturizer, or switch up my style of attire; and BAM! Good as new. I feel great. 

Don’t feel tied down to your look just because you want to make a statement. You can still be the you you are underneath all the clothes, makeup, and sunglasses. The point here is that we all need a little uplifting every once in a while (usually seasonally) and that doesn’t make us a different person. As the saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Here’re some tips on different ways to switch it up when you’re tired of your look.

New Dress Code

Changing your dress code is not as easy as it sounds because 1) you have to do all the shopping, and 2) you might be too comfortable in what you’re already wearing. I try to look at it this way:  what’s the closest style to what I’m already rocking? Right now I’m doing leggings, spaghetti strap tops, and flip flops. So to switch it up a bit, but stick to my comfort, I’ll wear fitted jeans, tight sweats, or jeggings instead. But maybe you want a full on new look. Then you may go from a bright summer-time ensemble to faded colors or black and white. You want to alternate in a way that makes you look completely different from your norm so that you don’t feel tired of your look anymore.


Lenses To Lenses

Do you normally sport glasses? Like on an everyday basis? Then a perfect way for you to switch up your look when you’re tired of it, is to get contact lenses. Show off those beautifully colored eyes. Or, even get multihued lenses for a totally new you. This is a pretty exciting way to make yourself over. And you’ll definitely see a difference in your appearance and feel improvised. I switch from glasses to lenses all the time and it really makes me feel flourished.

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New Accessories

Accessories are effortless enough to switch up. Take off those scarves and start wearing bowties as chokers. Maybe sport some sweatbands or wear jewelry period. If you already wear a lot of accessories, try wearing none and being a little plain. New habits will make you look and feel like a new person and your confidence and happiness meters will shoot up.


New Do

How’s your hair game? Another great way to change our appearance is to change our hair. Hair is everything and it practically defines us (although it shouldn’t). Since there are tons of ways to alter your hair it’s really just a matter of deciding what looks good on you! And hey, there’s an app for that! Lol. It’s a really neat app I searched up and downloaded at the end of last winter to see what I’d look like with different hair colors (I dyed my hair auburn/blond-ish). Your Perfect Hairstyle is available in the Mac app store and there’re tons of other apps too that you can use. Now that summers almost done, I’m probably going to go back to a darker, redish color!

Life is boring if we’re on repeat, always doing the same things and looking the same. Sometimes you have to switch it up when you’re tired of your look. What are some ways you’ve changed yourself to feel rejuvenated again? Share a story in the comments!
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