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How To Survive Your First College Party

How To Survive Your First College Party

You may have partied in high school and mingled with close buddies, but college parties are on a different level, and you have to make sure that you know what to expect and how things can go down at a college party. As a freshman, the only event that had you hyped up was probably the chaperoned post-prom celebration at your best friend’s place, and the only thing you were drinking was Welchs Cocktails or soda. When you think about college parties, the first thing that comes to mind is a ‘Project X’  party. Yes, these four years will be a time of dramatic growth that will help shape you into the ideal, responsible adult that society wants you to be, but let’s be real here: you will want to party like it’s your last. But, you are in college now with new friends and possibly maybe even a new city — with no parents to tell you what to do. It is best to step out of your comfort zone and attempt to create memories that you’ll cherish.

Have A Good Dinner

Eating a good dinner will help you get through the night if alcohol would be distributed. Ladies, I know you don’t want to look bloated in your cute outfits, and guys, you may just be too hyped about the party that you skip dinner. Please don’t make this rookie mistake. Skipping a meal before drinking alcohol will definitely result in getting drunk very quickly and having a potential hangover the next morning. So, treat yourself to a big dinner before hitting up the fraternity, and no, I am not talking about a chocolate chip muffin with a bowl of cereal.


Ah, yes, the drinking before the drinking. The stretch before a workout, or the warm-up, if you will. There are several reasons why you should consider pregaming. Usually, a pregame usually includes a close group of friends you’d do a bit of drinking and feeling buzzed with rather than the whole school. Additionally, you playing it safe when you know exactly where the alcohol came from.


Don’t Go To Alone

Especially if this is your first time ever attending a college party, go with a group of trusted friends, and always leave with them. At the end of the night, it is always about safety, so don’t go walking into a house party alone, full of people you’ve never seen in your life. Your squad should look after one another because the last thing you want is your overly drunk friend to leave with a sketchy person.

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You should always feel safe where you are and who you’re with, so don’t go with the flow in an uncomfortable situation just for a college party. Also, just be a good person, and if you witness or suspect any funny business, for example, a guy forcing himself on a girl, then say something, and help her get out of it. After all, you would want someone to do the same for you. This is not meant to scare you from partying, but sometimes things can go left even though it may have been going good for the time being. It is meant to help you make smarter decisions while still having fun. As a freshman, your first outing may be a bit intimidating, but don’t worry; you’ll be an expert by the end of your four years — trust me. Unfortunately, you will encounter pushy drunk people who want you to be on their level, so even if you’re not drinking at the party, just hold a red cup to avoid the hassle. The good news is that a pregame allows you to better control the level of hype you want to achieve. And your friends will always have your back.


Since you have an idea on how things can go down at a college party, it looks like it’s time for you to throw on your perfect outfit, grab some friends and eat dinner before heading to the pregame! If you guys have any more ideas, share them below.

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