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How To Survive While Mercury Is In Retrograde

How To Survive While Mercury Is In Retrograde

If you're looking for ways to survive while Mercury is in retrograde then look no further! We've got all of the tips you'll need!

If you’re suddenly experiencing a major struggle or constantly being hit with losses, there’s a chance you sign is being attacked in this period of mercury retrograde. Depending on your horoscopes, you’re most likely to experience fucked up situations whether its relationship or financial issues. Mercury being in retrograde can even affect chances of graduating and getting a job. Mercury’s retrograde occurs 3-4 times a year and last for a month. Mercury being in retrograde occurs due to planets orbiting backwards, which means your plans won’t work correctly even if they were planned (they never do). If you’re trying to dodge these “L’s” and catch some “W’s” in this current retrograde, you’re gonna need some tips! Here are a some tips to survive while mercury is in retrograde!


If you plan on splurging on a designer bag or purchasing a new car, its best to wait till retrograde ends. Yes, it’s great to have new thing but retrograde will fuck up the process of receiving the item. Let’s say you ordered a limited edition highlighter from MAC that took 30 minutes of pressing the refresh button on your computer.

Once your item is shipped, there’s a chance of it being lost while traveling to the destinations or broken into pieces when the package is received. If you were to buy a brand new car, it might have a few issues within days or weeks of driving. It’s best to buy items that are necessary for survival during this time period. If your car is still functioning or handbags look brand new, plan to purchase those items later in the year! This is a tip that can help you survive while mercury is in retrograde!

How To Survive While Mercury Is In Retrograde

Watch What You Say

Your relationships will be tested during this time period. If you’re the type of person who speaks before thinking, it’s time to be careful. Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time will mess up a platonic and romantic relationship. If friendships matter to you, its best to keep a distance from your friends and keep opinions to yourself during the retrograde period.

Once a relationship is ruined, its not guaranteed to workout depending on the conversation. If you have friends who don’t think before speaking, DO NOT take them to any important events that can provide a career opportunity. We all love support but only if it won’t ruin our first impression with a potential boss.

How To Survive While Mercury Is In Retrograde

Start Cleaning

Mercury being in retrograde can be a reminder to cleaning out certain items and people out of your life. Depending on your horoscope, you may have to let go of old items and cut out some friends. Take this time to go through items and keep items that are necessary. When it comes to cutting friends out, let go of people who won’t return the same energy they receive from you. Having a clean closet  and friends list will make you happy once retrograde is over. This is absolutely a way to survive while Mercury is in retrograde.

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How To Survive While Mercury Is In Retrograde

Start Thinking About Why Mercury’s Retrograde Is Affecting You

Mercury’s retrograde could be sending you messages about certain events that have occured or opportunities to pop up. It could also be telling you to mend relationships that ended terribly. Take the time to think of all the events and drama that happened before this current retrograde. Retrograde could be telling you to work on your mental and physical health.

Although we’re treated like trash during Mercury’s retrograde, it definitely prepares us for the good news and opportunities heading our way once it’s over. Just burn some sage every morning and get rid of the bad spirits and vibes to help keep you calm. Think of the process and why you’re experiencing it. You will appreciate it once it’s over!

How To Survive While Mercury Is In Retrograde

Are you currently struggling through Mercury’s retrograde? Do you have any advice for others to survive while Mercury is in retrograde? Comment below and share with your friends!
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