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How To Survive UCSD Welcome Week

How To Survive UCSD Welcome Week

UCSD welcome week freshman year is fun. Here is how to survive University of California San Diego. UC San Diego is the best so check out how to survive!
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So, you’re now a freshman at the University of California San Diego. Are you nervous? Excited? Scared out of your mind? Here are some tips on how to survive Week 0 at UCSD and make sure the rest of your year is smooth sailing.

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Day One: Move In.

Okay, move in day- probably one of the most petrifying moments in your life; hey, maybe you’re stoked to get away from your crazy parents. Either way, move-in day can be stressful if you don’t prepare. Read your emails, don’t forget your Qwik Pass and don’t bother showing up earlier than you’re assigned time. You will be thrown to the back of the line. Sorry kids, earlier times have priority.

HELP! What Do I Bring?

If you’re anything like me, there’s a good chance you’ll want to bring everything from home. Jokes on you. There’s no chance that’s gonna happen. Chances are you’ll be placed in a triple. Downsizing better become your new hobby. Storage boxes are great for your belongings. You can assign each box a different purpose: toiletries, food, shoes, etc. This tactic will give you greater closet space for your clothes. There will most likely be storage space under your bed as well.

Welcome Week.

See what activities are going on in your college during Welcome Week. It’s a great way to get involved. Regardless of if you came with a friend or alone, this is the perfect way to meet new people. Some activities seem strange but you never know – you could make friends.

Listen In Your House Meeting.

House Advisors (HA’s) have been around for a while; they know how to get around and can help answer any of your questions. If they don’t know the answer, they can guide you towards a facility that can. They will let you in on the ins and outs of living in a residence hall. Tons of information will be thrown at you your first meeting. Get to know your HA’s and befriend them. The better relationship you’ve got, the easier your first year will be.

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Know Where Your Classes Are.

During your free time, use this time to find where your classes are. USCD is an enormous campus. It’s important to know where your classes are. It will help you decide when to get up so you have plenty of time walking to class without worrying about being late. Being prepared will save you a lot of stress. The link provided through UCSD tells you the best routes going to and from specific classes.

Check Emails.

You will get tons of emails your first week at UCSD. They will be from administration, event holders, and most importantly, professors. These emails could give you insight on fun activities you didn’t hear about. However, you may get a dreaded email from your professor telling you there’s a reading assignment before the first class starts. So good luck to you.

Enjoy Week 0!

Welcome Week only occurs once a year but no other year is as exciting as your freshman year. So enjoy it while it lasts. Visit all the clubs, join in on the silly activities, and flourish in your last week of freedom before crunch time. You’re officially a Triton, so take pride and show some spirit.

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