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How To Survive New York Fashion Week This Year

How To Survive New York Fashion Week This Year

New York Fashion Week is a time for glitz and glamour! Designers and models come from all over to strut their stuff. Here's how to survive NYFW!

New York Fashion Week time is here! When fall comes to mind most people think about Halloween, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and wearing layers. Fall is the season when all fashion bloggers, designers, and executives get ready to attend New York Fashion Week. New York Fashion Week is an event where all major fashion houses like Burberry and Tom Ford display the newest trends to take over the fashion world.

People fly out all over the world to walk the streets of New York City to be seen in the hottest outfits and sit front and second row at the most anticipated fashion shows. Attending New York Fashion Week is an amazing opportunity for anyone trying to branch out or gain connections in the fashion industry. Whether you’re the makeup artist backstage or fashion blogger sitting in the back row struggle to InstaStory the event, you’re going to need some help! Here are some tips to survive New York Fashion Week.

Plan Out Your Outfits!

New York Fashion Week is the perfect time to display your style to the fashion community. Many photographers known in the industry and on social media will be around taking pictures of attendees outfits! If your picture is take expect to be on an article or someones’ Instagram feed. It will give you exposure and the opportunity to network with a potential photographer! Fashion bloggers take advantage of this! Although many people feel the need to wear luxury brands to fashion shows, you should wear whatever you want! It’s most likely you’ll be sitting in the back row so it’s optional to be flashy. This is a tip to survive New York Fashion Week.

How To Survive New York Fashion Week This Year

Be Prepared

This advice is for anyone working backstage, whether it’s the makeup artist, hairstylist, and person helping to dress models. Some designers will yell and rush you to get the job done! It’s important to be prepared to do someone’s makeup and change their clothes in a small time frame! You have to be quick-minded and a perfectionist! It’s recommended to practice on makeup and outfit change speed! Grab a friend or family member and practice on them. Makeup artist have to make sure their tools are clean and have makeup that caters to all skin tones plus skin types!

Hairstylists need to be prepared to recreate the vision of how the designer wants the model’s hairs to look like. Some designers have hired nail artists to complete their desired look. Imagine having 10 minutes to paint over 10 models hands! Most nail artist use nail sheets and press-ons to speed up the process. You have to be prepared because there’s a chance of being called back to help for Spring Fashion Week or a photoshoot. Don’t forget that you’re being watched and there’s a chance of building a relationship with a popular fashion house! This is a tip to survive New York Fashion Week!

How To Survive New York Fashion Week This Year

Take Notes And Pictures!

Many fashion writers recommend taking notes and pictures! If you run a fashion blog or write for a website, its best to have material and images to help display the experience! Luckily, smartphones have the capability of taking down notes and pictures. This will involve some multitasking but your article will come out amazing! You’ll likely be sitting in the row near the back (celebrities and socialites usually get front row seats), so be prepared to squint or wear glasses to see detailing!

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How To Survive New York Fashion Week This Year

Be Smart With Travel Plans!

New York City is known as a busy city but it gets crazy once there’s a huge event like New York Fashion Week. Being fashionably late is definitely not acceptable for ANY fashion show. Security will gladly decline entry if you’re late to the show! If you’re financially stable enough to hire a driver for the week, then DO IT!

Taking the train is an option but the MTA is petty, so there’s a chance of trains being late or not operating. The best option is walking! Some fashion shows are a walking distance from each other, which means there’s a chance of your picture being taken by fashion photographers! Please be on time for the fashion show especially if a connection or friend gave you the opportunity to attend New York Fashion Week! This is a tip to survive New York Fashion Week!

How To Survive New York Fashion Week This Year

Have you ever attended New York Fashion Week? Which designers and trends are you excited to see? Comment below and share with your fashionista friends!
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