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How To Survive Moving Back In With Your Parents

How To Survive Moving Back In With Your Parents

Moving back in with your parents can be a tough transition. These tips will help moving back home with your parents more bearable.

Moving back in with your family after going to university is always a strange situation. You’ve been living like an adult for a while and have to head back to the comforts of your mum and dad. There is good food, heating and family values but it can take a few days to settle back into being a kid in the family again. So here are some tips on how to survive moving back in with your parents.

Help Out Around the House

Now that you’re an adult, you should probably help your parents a bit more around the house. Chances are they might be helping you out with the finances, so it’s only fair to help them out around the house. Just by doing the washing up or hoovering without being asked. These little tasks show your parents that you’ve matured a bit and know how to be a grown up.

Take Your Parents Out for the Odd Drink

If you want everyone to stay happy and calm in your household; and believe me you do. It’s often a nice idea to take your parents out for the odd drink down the pub. It shows them that you’re a bit more grown up and happy to pay for yourself but shows them that you’re more grown up and happy to have a nice clam drink. That you’re no longer drinking just for clubs.


Take Time for Yourself

When you first get back to your family home, your family is usually really excited to see you. They’ll cook your favourite food, or maybe even take you out for a nice meal. But it’s important to take some time for yourself and remember that you are a grown up now, living on your own. You don’t want to slip back into being a moody teenager again.

Try and Get on With Your Siblings

If you have siblings, try and get on with them. Children often have crazy sibling rivalries and didn’t get on when they were younger, but a you’ve grown up you all might have changed. It’s worth trying to talk to your siblings, they make a great ally in family feuds and a nice friend to have around the house.

Keep the Majority of Your Drinking etc. to a Minimum

Of course, you might be the shot queen of your house or halls, but your parents probably don’t want to know that. Or about that time you smoked a 20 pack in a night. Those are university stories, to be kept at university. Also, smoking is evil.

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Be Prepared For Your Parents to Judge You

When moving back in with your parents, be aware that will have made sacrifices for you to stay there. You will be once again living in their space and the will likely be subsidising some of your life. So with this might come the odd comment about your employment situation or your financial situation. They are your parents and they do love you, but they are also going to worry and talk about it in quite a frank, and maybe awkward way.

Know Your Plan

Usually if you’re still at university, then you are only going back to stay with your parents for a month or two. This is good because it means you know exactly how long your staying and that you’ve still got uni to head back to after the summer or Christmas break is over. If you’ve graduated, however, and moving back in with your parents to save up some money, it is better to have a goal of when you want things to happen by. This will mean that both you and your parents know that you’ve got a plan and aren’t just planning on mooching off them forever.


If you have anymore survival tips on moving back in with your parents, let us know in the comments below!

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