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How To Survive An Indiana University Tailgate

How To Survive An Indiana University Tailgate

Indiana University has some crazy tailgates when it comes to football season! Here are our tips to help you survive the tailgating season!

Tailgate day- the best and worst time of your life during your time at Indiana University.  The weather gets colder and so does the beer, and everyone knows the IU football team loses all the time, but for the record, IU has and never will lose a party.  The tailgate T-shirts don’t lie my fellow Hosiers–“We Tailgate Harder Than We Play”, “Game Time Is Nap Time” ain’t that the truth.  Here are a few key tips on surviving these never ending boozed up days at the tailgating fields.

Don’t Skip a Meal

In order to be able to drink large amounts of alcohol without getting sick, it helps to never skip a meal.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner are a MUST.  If you are planning on hitting up breakfast club at Kilroy’s on Kirkwood or Brother’s Bar, don’t be shy…that buffet breakfast is included in your bar cover for a reason! DIG IN, and grabbing second helpings wouldn’t hurt either.  Then, of course, carry on with your mimosas.  Lunch can be easily obtained at the tailgating fields.  There are usually ALWAYS families and parents visiting that are more than happy and willing to provide you with a bite to eat because let’s face it…they feel bad for us poor college kids.

How To Survive An Indiana University Tailgate

Dress For The Weather

We all want to look bomb on tailgate days for the hundreds of pictures that will no doubt be taken that day, but you HAVE to be mindful of the weather.  Indiana is as unpredictable as the score your going to get on your finite exam.  It could pour down rain, start snowing, or be dreadfully hot at the tip of a hat.  Luckily, IU spirit wear reflects this and offers many stylish and cute options for tailgating outfits.  Find them at any clothing store on Kirkwood, T.I.S., or the school bookstore.


Take a break from the vodka for a while and have a water bottle here and there.  Trust me, you will thank yourself later.  Water is a MUST whether it’s hot or cold out in order to keep your body hydrated.

How To Survive An Indiana University Tailgate

Walking Around With Drinks

DO NOT walk around the tailgating fields with a beer can in your hand.  There are campus cops everywhere and will not hesitate to give you a drinking ticket (a pricey one at that) if you are underage and holding alcohol.  And if you’re 21, keep your ID on you while you’re at the fields because this is the first thing a cop will ask for. Red solo cups are usually fine to carry, but if you want to be safe, pack your own tumbler cup or Yeti.

How To Survive An Indiana University Tailgate

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Charge Your Phone

The tailgating fields of Indiana University stretch for hours and everything will begin to look the same.  Make sure your cell phone is charged so you don’t get separated from your friends at any time.  Phones are even ore likely to die during a tailgate if you’ve been up since the crack of dawn starting game day festivities (which usually happens).  Keep your phone on the charger until the very last second you leave, or pack a portable charger.

Game Time Nap Time

Yeah, you read that right.  It’s really not a myth at all… use the game time as nap time in order to recharge your body and mind to get ready to go out later.  Also, when you wake up, don’t forget to eat dinner and have another water bottle… and wipe the IU tattoo off your face before hitting the bars or frats.  Cheers.

How To Survive An Indiana University Tailgate

Make it the best or worst day of your life…it’s your choice.  Follow these crucial tailgating tips and have a blast at what Indiana University does best….TAILGATING! Go Hoosiers! What are your tips for surviving an Indiana University tailgate? Tell us in the comments!
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