How To Survive An Awful First Date

Knowing how to avoid an awful first date can seriously be a life saver when you're going out with someone. Here are some tips!

If you are looking to get into a relationship, or just want to get out there and meet new people, it all starts with a date. In an age where many of us live our lives online, it can be hard to meet someone new. When you do secure a date, which could be from a mutual friend, from a night out or from an online dating app, the stranger or person you do not know that well could end up being not for you. Therefore, it may be awful and you just want it to be over, we have all been there! If you are looking for how to survive an awful first date be sure to keep on reading!

1. It doesn’t have to be romantic:

If you end up not fancying the person or not having romantic feelings for them, it doesn’t have to make an awful date. You could see them from a friend’s perspective and think this is just a nice way to hang out with someone new. You may even end up making a good friend out of them or enjoy the activity you are doing together.

The 5 Tips On How To Survive An Awful First Date

2. You can always leave:

If it is really that awful, for example you feel un safe or you just don’t want to be there as you are not enjoying yourself you can leave at any time. If you feel awkward, you could always pop to the bathroom and ask a friend to ring you to ask you to come home, or you could even say you are not feeling well. If you feel confident, you could just say I think it is time to call it a night or: I’ve had a lovely time, but I best be off now. If you feel really uncomfortable just, try and let a member of staff know or you could have a code word you could text to your friend that you agreed on before you left for the date. Just remember you should and can be in control of where you want to be.

3. There is always something more to ask:

If you feel you are running out of things to say or there is an awkward moment just remember if it is a first date, you should have loads to ask them. You could ask them about their work, interests, family, holidays and hobbies.  By using open ended questions, it will allow the person to talk openly about themselves. The list is really endless just think of anything you do in your day to day life and what you could find out about them.

4. Be open minded:

If you think it is going awfully, or it isn’t what you expected, think about what you do like and what is good about the person or date. For example, they may be confident or seem kind. If there is something off putting to you, for example they won’t stop talking, think why is this happening, could they be nervous? Don’t be too quick to call anything off.

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The 5 Tips On How To Survive An Awful First Date

5. Whatever went wrong, use it as a learning curve:

No matter why the date ended up badly, don’t take it out on yourself or the other person. You may not have met that special person or had the best time ever, but it is a learning curve and an experience. You could think things such as: at least I met someone completely new, that won’t be as daunting if I do it again. Or you could feel proud of yourself for being a good judge of character and known what you are looking for. Just remember to every negative there is a positive that you can learn from.

The 5 Tips On How To Survive An Awful First Date

What is your advice for an awful first date? What was your first date like? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!
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