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How to Survive a Triple Dorm Room

How to Survive a Triple Dorm Room

Sharing a room with a complete stranger is iffy enough, but some lucky freshmen get to share it with two! No, it’s not the end of the world, trust me. At first I told myself that I would rather commute to school than to be stuck in a triple dorm room and community bathroom residence hall. Why would I add to my debt when I could shower at home and sleep in my own room? Yet, here I am sitting in my triple dorm room, while one of my roommates is eating pretzels and the other is doing homework.

I have loved every aspect of my triple dorm room thus far. I thought sharing a room with two girls would be a nightmare, especially with only one closet; but it is absolutely livable. In fact, now I actually rave about our high ceilings, our walk-in closet and the self-controlled heater/AC. In order to survive living in a triple though, there are definitely some things you and your roomies should keep in mind.

1. Communicate effectively.

Communication amongst people is always important. In this specific case, however, it is extremely important. You’re going to be living with your roommates for a while; therefore, it is imperative that you feel comfortable speaking to BOTH of them about anything and everything. That’s not to say you should tell them every single secret, but generally speaking, you need to make sure you are all on the same page when it comes to anything to do with dorm life.


2. Lay down some ground rules.

Ideally, on the first night you all spend together, lay down the rules about what’s expected. For example, agreeing on when it’s okay to have guests spend the night, turning off the lights at a certain hour, sharing a fridge, TV, vacuum, etc. You could call it a “roommate agreement.”

3. Appreciate the benefits.

Although the tiny perks of your “bigger” dorm room may seem irrelevant to you know, you’ll learn to appreciate them.

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  • Cheaper housing plan: Your “rent” is now split between three people, instead of two.
  • More room space: That extra poster has a home now.
  • One more person to rely on for little things: Let’s say you forget your keys, one roommate may not be home, but the other one probably is.

4. Spend time together.

The truth to the matter is that both of your roommates may not be your BFFs in college, but it is important to hang out with each other here and there. Set a movie night, eat some snacks and talk about your classes. Discuss redecorating the dorm, laugh about embarrassing moments you’ve encountered, lend an ear. Planning a special night like this will make it feel more like a girls sleepover (even though technically every night is one!) and will make for some good bonding time.

5. Make the best of it.

It’s always hard to share a room (especially if you’ve never had to before), but it can also open the door to some great experiences. Think of it like you just got two new sisters – you may not always want to be around them, but when it comes down to it, you’re stuck with them. And who knows, they could end up becoming two of your best friends!

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