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How To Successfully Shoot Your Shot

How To Successfully Shoot Your Shot

Have you got your eye on someone special? Are they just so cute that you just can’t take it anymore and have to do something about it? If you so then first off, good for you for wanting to put yourself out there, and second off, it is a good thing you stumbled across this article because in it are some amazing tips and tricks that will make shooting your shot 10 times easier and 10 times more successful. Half the battle is summing up the courage to decide to shoot your shot, and the other half is actually throwing the ball into the hoop. I am here to make sure that the ball enters that net, so follow these tips and you will without a doubt increase your chances of making it onto the scoreboard.  

1. Be Confident

Make eye contact with your crush and approach them. Be direct in the text message or DM you craft for them. Nothing turns a person off like “hey, would you…maybe… possibly….want to sort of….hang out?” If you are going to shoot your shot, step up to the court with confidence. Do not let your nerves get the better of you. Just go for it with all you got. Besides, you have got to have faith that you are actually an awesome person that anybody would be lucky to get to know more of. You have every reason in the world to be confident.

How To Successfully Shoot Your Shot

2. Know Your Target

Knowing what kind of person your crush would be into dating can be super helpful. Scroll through their Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.  This can help you decipher whether you should slide into the DM’s with a joke in the case that they like a jokester or if you should slide in with a smooth pick-up line in case they are into Casanovas. You can even talk to any mutual friends if you two so happen to have any. It is good to know your crush so you not what direction to move in.

3. Make Sure Your Socials Are Updated

Just like how you probably look up your crush’s socials, if you slide into their DM’s then they will definitely see yours too. Therefore, you are going to want to make sure that it presents you in the best, most accurate way possible. Have some recent cute selfies posted and make sure to delete anything you wouldn’t your crush to see before you shoot your shot. Once you are satisfied with how your social media looks then you can make your move with full confidence that when your crush inevitably stalks your socials, they will be swooning with how good you look and how clever your captions are. 

How To Successfully Shoot Your Shot

4. Sell Yourself

This one sort of goes without saying, but when you are trying to win over your crush that is not the time to sell yourself short or to lay out all of your downfalls and insecurities. Talk yourself up! Talk about your passions, your skills, your great character, and your accomplishments. Of course, don’t take it too far and risk coming off as cocky or big-headed. Just be honest and talk about yourself in a positive light.

5. Don’t Come Off As A Player

Bringing up multiple girls in a conversation or sliding into the DM’s with a, “Hey sexy,” accomplishes the same thing – it makes you look like a douchebag. There is a fine line between being forward and coming off as cocky. Enter a conversation with a respectful starter. It can be funny, smooth, sly, or flattering, but please, for the love of all things good, do not shoot your shot by acting as if you are some kind of hotshot in town.  

How To Successfully Shoot Your Shot

6. Know How To Carry A Conversation

You can have a strong start, but that means nothing if you are not able to keep the momentum going. You may have thought about how to swoop into your crush’s DM’s but you should be prepared for more conversation too. Have some questions you want to ask your crush in mind such as: what are your goals in life, what have you picked up as your new COVID hobby, or what is your favorite song? The point is, be able to carry a conversation if you want to keep the spark growing; don’t let it fizzle out due to awkwardness.

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How To Successfully Shoot Your Shot

7. Don’t Come On Too Strong

You obviously decided to shoot your shot because you like this person, but don’t overwhelm them with how much you like them. Don’t immediately ask to take them out on a date and don’t start calling them pet names like “babe,” or “baby.” That can be very overwhelming. It is just frankly too much affection for a person to handle right off the bat. Ease into and base your moves off of the vibes the other person is giving off and work from there. Don’t just start treating them as though they already agreed to date you.

8. Be Clear About Your Intentions

Although you shouldn’t come on too strong, it is important that when you decide to shoot your shot that you aren’t too vague about how you see the other person. You can’t just slide into your crushes DM’s with a “hey, I like your shoes,” because you saw them post on their Instagram story and count that as shooting your shot. You need to make it at least a little obvious that you are interested in them by complimenting them or sending a flirty emoji with your message. Also, if you are interested in more than a hook-up, you might want to rev up your gentlemanly-ness, and when the time comes say that you want to go on a date rather than just “meet up to hang out.”

How To Successfully Shoot Your Shot

These tips on how to successfully shoot your shot will help you to impress your crush. Let us know in the comments below which of these tips end up helping you land a date!

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