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Bar Nights 101: How To Successfully Leave The Bar With The Woman You Want

Bar Nights 101: How To Successfully Leave The Bar With The Woman You Want

So it’s another one of those bar night. For the past 25 minutes or so, you’ve been standing over at the end of the bar with your cool face on, trying to look as cool as can be. You’re on your third rum and coke and by this time, you’ve got the creepiest smirk on your face as you continue to glance over in the direction of the pretty woman at the other end of the bar, just hoping to “accidentally” catch her attention and have eye-contact.

Liquor courage can have you playing a dangerous game. You could either use it to your advantage, or you could allow it to have you looking like a complete dweeb. 

Yes, a dweeb.


So instead of singing along to Mariah Carey lyrics at the bar in attempt to have your newfound crush understand that you two belong together, we’ve gathered up a list of ways you could increase your shot percentage with the ladies and have more successful bar nights. Be smooth and try implementing these into your repertoire.

Don’t Rush It

Sometimes admiring from a distance isn’t always a bad thing. Getting ahead of yourself could not only end badly, but it could end badly in a number of different ways. Give her some time to enjoy herself, and you do the same. Have a few drinks and warm up to the atmosphere of the room. It’s okay to notice her a little from the end of the bar, and even have her notice you noticing her, but don’t be overly obnoxious or creepy with it. Then, when the time is right, go in for the approach.



First impressions are everything. The last thing you would want to do is execute a smooth approach only for your breath to be smelling like a hot summer day. Before you walk over in her direction, pop a mint or two, adjust your shirt, tie your shoes and brush your hair if you have to. Once you’ve covered those bases, you should be in the clear.


Contrary to popular belief, chivalry is not dead, folks. However, some women may truly believe it is, and honestly, you can use that to your advantage.


When you walk over, show her all of those manners your momma taught you. As cliche as it may sound, offer to buy her a drink. Be natural. If she’s with a group of friends, have your group of friends accompany you in the approach and make sure the numbers match up so that they all will feel more comfortable with the situation. Don’t bring any friend of yours that may be shy or bashful, though, because one person could potentially sink the entire ship if they say the wrong thing.


This is surely the most important part of the process. Assuming you’ve executed the previous tips to perfection up to this point of your future bar nights, you should already be in midst of setting yourself up for success if you play your cards right with this one.


When I get haircuts, at least once every couple months my barber always tells me that we have it easy in today’s world with social media. He says that back in his day (because you know oldheads always have a ‘back in my day’ tagline), they had to have an actual mouthpiece¬†when they saw a fine woman out somewhere in public.

Truth is, he’s right. And again, here’s something you can use to your advantage. At this point, attractive women are almost sure to be used to getting those, “Hey, I think I saw you at [insert public place] today” DMs from men. Most times, men don’t send those DMs because they genuinely couldn’t find a way to speak in person. They were just too afraid.

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Don’t be that guy.

Doing so will only prevent in low shooting percentages when shooting your shot. Follow up your approach with something meaningful to say. Lead the conversation and keep it flowing. Don’t force it, but when possible, squeeze a joke or two in there. As the conversation gets deeper, attempt to lightly pick her brain. Ask her some basic things about who she is as an individual. Women tend to notice when men carry conversations that are actually of some sort of significance and not the typical fluffy, small-talk type of vibe they usually get during bar nights.


Last Call

After you’ve been vibing for a while, it’s time to close the game out. Already having done all of the above correctly should make this step easier than ever. You can either find a clever and polite way to ask for her contact info (number, IG, etc.), or depending on how early or late in the night it is, you can try to find out what’s she’s doing afterward. Again, don’t be pushy or creepy with this, because there’s a very thin line when it comes to this. Don’t ruin everything you’ve worked for up until this point. Be upfront with your intentions and close it out correctly.

And boom. You may have just met your wife. Who knows? All with the help of a little Society19 article on the web. The internet works wonders sometimes.


Do you have any specific methods of getting to know women on bar nights? Let us know in the comments!

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