How To Succeed In College When Everything Seems Impossible

College is a time to have fun, meet new people and learn more about yourself, but it is also the only time you have to prepare yourself in the field that you will enter once graduating. Unless you run into problems or are in a specific program then odds are you are going to want to graduate in four years. Now it’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed throughout your time in college and struggled at times. In fact it would be strange if you didn’t… unless you know some secret way to succeed in college, because if so please share with the rest of us! If you do not though then check out How To Succeed In College When Everything Seems Impossible!

1. Give Yourself A Break

In order to succeed in college you need to remind yourself that you are only human, don’t push yourself to unhealthy extremes. Listen to your body; if you cannot stay up to finish your paper then stop, go to bed and in the morning either make time to finish it or just tell your professor the truth and ask for an extension. if you’re staying up to party with friends when you could be spending that time completing an important assignment then you may want to rethink your decisions and what you are choosing to prioritize.

How To Succeed In College When Everything Seems Impossible

2. Schedule

Although it sounds boring scheduling how you will spend your time will help you succeed in college. Your schedule won’t allow you to sit around and waste your time, it will ensure that you are submitting assignments on time which will in turn help your grade. Don’t forget to schedule breaks, take 20 minutes or an hour even to just sit and do something you want to do without feeling guilty for not being productive.

3. Going To Bed At A Reasonable Time

Going to bed at a reasonable time ensures that you’ll wake up ready to take on your day. Nothing ruins your day like lack of sleep; it makes for the inability to focus during class and just throws off your overall mood. So avoid snapping at your friends, go to bed early and get the recommended hours of sleep.

How To Succeed In College When Everything Seems Impossible

4. Attending Class

In order to succeed in college you need to attend classes and in order to do that you’ll need to wake up to make it on time. If you have any 8 a.m. classes, then attending your classes will be difficult but not impossible! Make sure to set your alarm early enough so you can hit snooze a couple of times and still make it on time. Attendance can either help or hurt your grade, but it’s all up to you. If you have a serious problem and cannot attend class then let your professor know so they can help you, if you don’t then they will assume you are skipping class on purpose.

5. Taking Notes

Whether it’s taking notes, doing the assigned readings or bringing the required text to class, being prepared will ensure that you succeed in college. The best way is to take notes, go back to your room and translate them in a way that you can understand. Of course if you don’t have the time to do that you can also try to shorthand words, or symbols so that you can still understand them but won’t be behind on note taking.

How To Succeed In College When Everything Seems Impossible

6. Know Your Departments

Whether it’s the tutoring center, or writing center knowing where these places are located can help you if you need to write a paper using Chicago style or with your geology class.

What are some things that have helped you succeed in college? Comment them below!

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