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How To Style Your School’s Merch So You Can Rep Your School With Style

How To Style Your School’s Merch So You Can Rep Your School With Style

As much as we all want to show our school pride, it’s not always the most stylish look. And a lot of times we tend to just throw on just jeans and a t shirt for our college and call it a day. Here are a few ways you can style your school merch and still look cool.

Cut A Normal School Shirt Into A Crop Top

Most off-the-shelf college shirts are either unisex or ill-fitting or both, an unfortunate truth we all just have to accept. To make yours more stylish, get out your scissors and DIY it by cutting off the bottom of it and turning it into a crop top. There are tons of ways to style a crop top to look a hell of a lot cuter than a regular t shirt. Taking the extra few minutes to personalize a shirt like this can really make a world of difference in your outfit. You can wear this like any other crop top you own but rep your school at the same time. Luckily the shirts that would look great as crop tops are the kind of school merch you’re likely to get for free. Surely there will be a lot of girls asking you when you got your shirt, jealous that you have a crop top when they’re stuck with their boring old t shirt. And you can make the crop the exact length you want so you don’t end up with one that’s too short!

How To Style Your School’s Merch So You Can Rep Your School With Style   

Wear An Oversized Sweater Or Sweatshirt With Your School’s Name Or Logo On It As A Dress

If you’re really going for a more fashionable look, try pairing an oversized sweater or sweatshirt with your school’s logo on it with tall socks or tall boots. Wear it as a dress or throw on tights if you want to cover up your legs. Pair it with a messy bun and a bold lip for an effortlessly cool look, or with your hair down and natural make up for a more casual look. Pair it with combat boots and messy hair for an edgier look. Throw a belt on it for some extra definition at the waist if it’s too oversized! The great thing is you can also wear it with leggings and curl up in your dorm or study at the library while being completely comfortable. Or as a night gown on chillier nights.

Style A Long Sleeved Shirt With Jeans And A Sweater For A Casual Look

This look is more casual, but it’s definitely cuter than just throwing on a shirt and jeans. Even just adding a simple accessory like a scarf can transform your outfit. Taking a few extra seconds to style your outfit with more intention can really pay off! If you’re feeling really extra, you can match your scarf to your team’s colors! To dress it up a little more, pair this with heeled booties to make this outfit a little bit more polished, or sneakers if you’re really just trying to be comfy when you have a three class day.

How To Style Your School’s Merch So You Can Rep Your School With Style

Finish Your Outfit With A Hat From Your College

If you’re already more of a casual dresser, an easy way to rep your school is to top off your outfit with a hat for your college. In the warmer months, you might try a baseball cap. In the cooler months, a beanie, perhaps. Some nice boots, jeans, a flannel, and your school hat and you’re absolutely golden. This is a great look for day to day, especially if that day happens to be game day. School merch like hats or scarves are great because you can easily add them as you run out the door without having to think about it too much. Plus, a hat will cover up your roots if you haven’t had a chance to shower, though the cap will probably have to come off during class.

Throw On A Vest Over Top For A Preppier Look

This might be a more casual look, but it’s definitely more stylish than just leggings and a sweatshirt! Throwing on a vest like this can really elevate your look. This outfit is absolutely perfect for running errands, or even better, headed to class! Can’t you just see this outfit in the fall when the leaves are changing? This is a great choice as well if you’re going to a game and want to keep warm! School merch like this is also great because even just wearing it with leggings is pretty cute.

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How To Style Your School’s Merch So You Can Rep Your School With Style

Dress Up Your T Shirt With A Skirt And Fancier Shoes

If you want to look more pulled together and stylish, try pairing your college shirt with a skirt and a statement pair of shoes. The contrast between the fancier elements and the t shirt is fun to play with. For this look, you’ll want a t shirt that’s more fitted. You’ll find more success if you go with something that’s more of a women’s cut in a vintage wash so it’s not too stiff. This school merch tends to sell quick because it’s cuter than your unisex basic shirts, and it’s a great choice if you want something that’s easier to style.

Put A School Crew Neck On Over A Button Down For A Classic Look

If you’re going for classic collegiate, this is a great look. All you need to pull it off is a crew neck sweatshirt for your college and a button down to wear under it. Crew neck sweatshirts are a must have when it comes to school merch because it’s so easy to just throw on when you’re running late. If you have a pearl necklace, that would be a great addition as well. For this look you can really do whatever you want beauty wise but a bun and red lip is always a good go to. This is a great look for the start of the semester as well when everyone’s dressed a little preppier because it’s back to school season!

How To Style Your School’s Merch So You Can Rep Your School With Style

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