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How To Style Your Favorite Pairs Of Converse

The prospect of a new pair of go-to sneakers looms large in our minds as we prepare for the new school year. That is why today, we’ll be talking about all things Converse fashion and how to style your favorite pair!

1. Classic White Converse

A Converse fashion run down would simply not exist without the classic white Chuck Taylor’s that everybody knows and loves. It seems almost silly to try to advise you on how to style these simply because you can wear them with just about anything; although many may argue that white sneakers are inconvenient because they get dirty so easily, part of the beauty of the classic white Converse is when they look like they have been worn and appreciated! Plus classic white Converse can easily be dressed up or down depending on how you choose to style them. You might want to look more put-together by wearing a casual summer dress, but you still want to keep the look effortlessly informal, so you go with a pair of high-top classic shoes. Classic white Converse also go perfectly with any bottoms depending on your occasion; ranging from leggings to jeans to even sweats, there is absolutely nothing that you can not wear with your Chucks. You may want to spice things up and wear your sneakers with a pair of simple or fun ankle socks, especially if you are wearing your Converse with a pair of shorts. When it comes to color scheme, it is easy to play around with different looks with your white converse; you could use the white sneakers as a pop of color to complement darker tones in your clothing or create a more chic look by matching the white shoes with similar neutral colors for your top. 

2. Platform High Tops

Converse fashion evolved immensely when platform high tops were introduced; something about the extra boost in the sole added a new touch of style that none of us were prepared for. The good news is that styling platform Converse is pretty much the same as styling regular ones, depending on the color of them of course; if you are opting for simple white platform high tops then you are in luck because they will be your best friend when it comes to just about any style you are looking for. Plus, the platform Converse will add an illusion of height and is a more modern twist to the classics that are so loved by many and are actually more comfortable than the traditional sneakers. We all know that sometimes the Converse soles are not the most supportive, but if you opt for the platform pair then you will be met with better support and more comfort. There is also the option to get the platform white Converse in a leather material, which are just as stylish and will also stay a brighter white for longer. If you are looking for a more chic outfit but still want to remain comfortable, you may want to try pairing your platform Converse with your favorite blazer for an edgy yet super chic look. For a more everyday outfit, throw on your favorite pair of jeans and any crop top and finish off the look with your platform kicks. You can even wear these shoes for a more athletic look even though they don’t necessarily fall under the category of “sporty” shoes; just throw them on with your comfy leggings or a matching athletic fit and you are all set!

3. Fun Patterned High Tops

Sometimes you may want to try a more fun take on Converse fashion and opt for a pair with a cool and funky design such as animal print or the famous Comme Des Garcons hearts with eyes. When you do choose to go for a more fun and unique pair of shoes, styling them may require just a little bit more effort. Wearing a monochrome outfit and allowing your shoes to be the pop of varied colors in your appearance is one of the easiest ways to create a look with funkier shoes. For example, if you have a pair of high tops that are cheetah print then you may want to wear an all black outfit with them to draw focus to your awesome kicks! If you don’t want to wear a monochromatic fit then you will want to try to create a look that complements well with your shoes so that your ensemble all goes together nicely. If the pattern on your shoes is a mix of pinks and purples, for example, you might want to choose a shirt with a shade of pink or purple, or at the very least a color that complements the ones of the pattern on your shoes.

4. Bright Colored Converse

Bright colored Converse fashion is very similar to that of patterned converse; there are specific ways that you may want to go about styling your Converse that are bright orange or pink. You may want to go for the monochromatic look that we stated above with the pop of color being your shoes or you may want to create a simple outfit that compliments well with your more fun and unique sneakers. For example, wearing a simple white top and a pair of jeans but throwing on a pair of bright red Converse to add a twist of color to your ensemble. You may also want to incorporate the colors of your outfit with the color of your shoes, like the picture above. This model is wearing a bright pair of orange high tops, which she complimented perfectly with the colors of her sweater. Another route you may choose to take with your brightly colored Converse is to not follow any guidelines at all! If you want to create a more funky and colorful outfit through and through then you don’t have to listen to any of our advice, simply wear your Converse with whatever colors or patterns that you want to make your ensemble artistic, fun and creating a statement!

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5. Black Converse

Last but certainly not least on our rundown of Converse fashion is another classic pair but this time in black! In the fashion world, we have always been reluctant towards black sneakers because we never realized how perfect they go with every outfit. If you were looking for a pair of shoes that go so perfectly with jeans that you will never want to take them off, black Converse are perfect for you. For some reason, pairing your classic blue jeans with black Converse creates a look that is so effortlessly perfect and can become your everyday look. You may choose to wear a black top to match with your shoes, or any other color because everything goes with black. Just like other classic pairs of All Stars, you really can play around with what vibe you want to create with your ensemble; whether you are looking to dress up your Converse or create a more casual look, there are an infinite number of possibilities!

That wraps up our tips and tricks for all things Converse fashion and how to style your favorite pair!

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