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How To Style Tie-Dye For The Summer

When you think of someone who would wear tie-dye, you probably picture someone from the 1960s or 1970s wearing it. They probably throw up a two-fingered peace sign or shout “Make Love, Not War” too. As we know with fashion, trends recycle and tie-dye is back at the forefront, diving headfirst into the summer season. But, how can you style this bold pattern without looking dated? We have some fresh styling ideas that will help you rock tie-dye for the summer!

1. Bold in Boho

It’s hard to stray away from the hippie origins of this pattern, so why not fully embrace it? The bohemian look is typically soft and delicate, so adding a tie-dye print in the mix will punch up your look. We think wearing a pair of faded or pastel-toned, tie-dye pants with a white tee or band shirt will make this feminine look bright and bold. This outfit is perfect for a date night since it’s both flirty and fun!

2. Dyed Denim

Denim is a dyed material anyway, so why not brighten up your look with a tie-dye pair? We think styling a tie-dyed denim jacket with burnt orange or purple pants gives you a fresh and laidback look. You can also look for a pair of tie-dyed jeans for something a little more whimsical. It may be hard to find something rainbow-colored, but using bleached denim pieces will still create a trendy and modern look.

3. Cool and Casual

Tie-dye print is most commonly used for casual-wear clothing items, like t-shirts, pullovers, or hoodies. There is nothing wrong with wearing any of those items with a tie-dye print but, we think your go-to casual summer look can be elevated if you opt for something different. Why not try a tie-dye printed and loose-fitting button-up or blouse? When you style this top with a pair of baggy pants or jeans, or even boyfriend cut shorts, you have a fashion-forward, edgy, and totally cool look that is also just as comfortable as throwing on a t-shirt. Pop on your favorite kicks, sport your favorite sunglasses, and you are ready to go!

4. Through a Statement Piece

If you are not ready to dive headfirst or go all-in with this trend, you can always play around with your accessories. Tie-dye print packs a punch and begs to be seen, so using it as a way to accessorize your outfit will still give you the right amount of drama. Bucket hats are trending this summer, so why not sport one in this fun print? If you are not really into that trend, you can pull your hair back with a tie-dye scrunchie! Tie-dye printed shoes are also a fun statement piece for your summer look.

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5. Keep it Classic

We have to admit, you can’t go wrong in sporting a basic tie-dye t-shirt. It’s simple, it’s cute, and it’s something you can wear every day throughout the summer. A tie-dye t-shirt is also a classic music festival staple – we tip our hats off to the fashion icons at Woodstock for this. If you are looking for a fun do-it-yourself project for the summer, why not make your own tie-dye prints? Tie-dying clothing is incredibly messy, but it will help you pass the time on a lazy and sunny afternoon. Plus, it’s really hard to mess up a tie-dye pattern because it is meant to be whimsical and anyway!

How will you style this colourfully fun print this summer? Will you try to create your own tie-dye creations? Leave a comment below!

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Alex Arsenych-De Castro

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