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How To Style The Color Brown In 7 Ways

How To Style The Color Brown In 7 Ways

Brown is the most fashionable hue right now, yet it’s a color that can be tough to style. We’ve broken down seven different approaches to go about brown color style to make it easier for you!

1. Comfy Brown Outfits

The first step in our brown color style guide is to find garments that are both comfortable and stylish. If you don’t want to go all out with your wardrobe, brown sweatpants will keep you comfy while also making you look more fashionable. Wearing a matching brown sweatsuit is one way to go about it; depending on the season, this can be done in a variety of ways ranging from sweat shorts to sweatpants! A brown matching cozy set is the ideal way to be 100 percent in style while still feeling like you’re in your PJs. Another option is to put on a gorgeous oversized brown hoodie; you’ll be comfy while still looking cute and trendy! There’s no excuse not to wear brown in your ensembles; it’s a great way to keep stylish without having to put in a lot of effort!


2. Monochrome Brown Fit

Next up on our brown color style guide is monochromatic brown outfits! The best way to go about this look is by mixing and matching different shades of brown and different textures. For example, opting for a darker shade of brown as your top and a lighter shade of brown for your bottoms; creates more depth in your outfit and the contrast is a very stylish twist to the monochromatic trend. You can also add in different shades of brown through your accessories such as handbags or sunglasses; for an extra twist, you may want to opt for a handbag with a brown pattern! Another way to create a monochromatic brown fit is by mixing different textures, which is another way that will ensure your look has more dimension. One example may be wearing a satin top with leather leggings and a fuzzy baguette purse. 

3. Hint Of Brown

If you aren’t sure if you are ready to swap your entire wardrobe for the color brown, this next one in our brown color style guide is the one for you! Try incorporating just a hint of brown into your looks to get you warmed up; you may opt for a pair of brown boots or adding a simple brown cardigan to your outfit. Even a small splash of brown to your fit will ensure that your look is trendy while not being too much. Even if you’re not sure if the color brown is for you, adding just a trace of it to your ensembles in any way you like allows you to step outside of your comfort zone! Either through your shoes, a throw-on cardigan, or your accessories you can add the hint of brown you like the best in your looks.

4. Brown Leather

Next up on our brown color style guide is one of our favorites: Brown Leather. We all know that leather is a popular trend in fashion right now, but why don’t you make it brown? Something about brown leggings will add a twist of class into your wardrobe that will make you feel chic and stylish. Another way to take on the idea of brown leather is through a blazer or skirt; no matter what you chose you to ensure that your outfit has a unique vogue touch. The great thing about any leather clothing is that they are easy to style in whichever way you’d like depending on the vibe you are going for! Dress your outfit up or leave it more casual by opting for different forms of brown leather clothing. Finish off your look by adding gold jewelry, which complements perfectly with any brown clothing you choose!


5. Brown Satin

Another way to rock brown color style is by opting for a super classy and fashionable material we like to call: Satin. When going about the brown clothing trend you want to make sure that you try it from all different angles in order to truly get a feel for the color. We have already recommended you try the material leather, but if you are hoping for a more flirty and polished look then satin is the way to go! A silky satin mini dress in the color brown is a perfect choice for someone who is hoping to pull off a classier yet still fashionable look. You may also opt for tops of satin material such as trendy tank tops or elegant blouses. Satin also works as a perfect material to create a monochromatic look; maybe even try matching your satin with brown leather pants!

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6. Brown Patterns

The purpose of our brown color style guide is to guarantee there is something for everybody to try! Our next idea is another one for those of you who are still unsure about how you feel about wearing just brown on its own: Brown patterns. A more subtle way to incorporate brown into your outfits is through patterns such as checkers or even animal print! This way you can experiment with the color while still doing it subtly until you are completely comfortable; you may opt for a more dominant brown checkered pattern or a more elusive leopard print pattern. You may choose to pair your pattern with more brown or you can pair it with a contrasting color to ensure that the brown color stays for the most part muted (until you are ready to fully embrace brown color style!). Complete your ensemble with accessories and clothing that complement the brown patterns you chose! 

7. Brown Blazer

Last but certainly not least on our brown color style guide: Blazers! These are the perfect way to go for anybody who is trying to incorporate more brown into their wardrobe; they are easy to style in whichever way you would like and are easy to find in a majority of materials, styles, and patterns! Dress them up by pairing a leather blazer with a mini dress or with work trousers; for the maximum style, you may want to match your blazer with your top. You can also dress down a blazer by wearing it with a pair of classic blue jeans or with a graphic tee underneath. You really can never go wrong with how you style your blazer; the blazer itself adds volume of style to any look no matter what, and you can go one step further by opting for a brown one!

You’re now ready to take the wheel and design your own styles, thanks to our brown color style guide! But, if you ever run out of ideas, come back to this page for more inspiration!