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How To Style Short Hair This Summer

How To Style Short Hair This Summer

The Summer season offers endless opportunities and events to show up and glo-up, and with these fun and easy ways to style short hair you’ll be sure do be on your hot girl summer sh*t. Try out these super simple hairstyles to make waves this Summer!

1. Half-Up, Half Down        

This is a super easy look, and it’s one of those hairstyles that are versatile AF. You can keep it casual and rock this look during the day, or work it at your favorite night club. There are two ways to go about this look. The first look, which is better for when you’re going for that effortless, casual look is a messier, less sleek ponytail. Start by pulling the top portion of your hair up into a ponytail. You can use a comb to evenly divide the sections, or you can start at your ears and pull upwards using your thumbs. Once you’ve secured your pony at the crown of your head, pull the ponytail tight to create a whole lot of volume.

Next, remove small wispy pieces of hair near your hairline and in front of your ears to frame your face. Gently hook your thumbs under the hair at the top of your head in front of your ponytail and pull upwards and outwards. This will also help to create volume and will make the ‘do look less refined and more relaxed. To take this look from day to night, start with the same process, but slick back the front of your pony by applying some hair spray to your brush. Sweep the brush through the section of your hair that you are tying up to tame any fly-aways and get that sleek look. For a little extra glam, take a small piece of hair from the back of your pony and wrap it around your elastic, securing it behind the ponytail with a bobby pin!

How To Style Short Hair This Summer

2. Bobby Pin-Up

This look is one of our absolute faves, and it’s incredibly easy to do. This style delivers a lot of drama, and we love it for dinner dates or summer concerts! To start off this look, curl your hair with a larger barrel curling iron. You can rock this look with your hair straight, but it tends to pack more of a punch with big voluminous waves. Once your hair is styled, give yourself a generous side part.

Focus on the section with less hair for this look! Tuck your hair behind your ear, and have five or six large bobby pins or barrettes ready to go. Secure your hair with one hand, and place the pins away from your face about an inch or two apart each. Make sure you save enough pins to secure the hair behind and below your ear! The finished look should deliver a mix of sleek and full for a perfect Summer style!

How To Style Short Hair This Summer

3. An Adorable Fabric Headband

People tend to shy away from headbands because they bring back painful memories of third grade picture day. But we promise you, this look is SUPER gorgeous and perfect for those hot Summer days to push your hair back from your face. For this look, you will need a super adorable fabric headband. Curl your hair (or leave it curly if you’ve been blessed with curls) and part it down the middle. Take your headband and pull it over your head so it sits around your neck. Pull the headband up and out, and secure it at the top of your head, just before your crown.

Keep your headband in place with bobby pins to ensure an all-day slay! Next, take some chunky pieces from the front of your face near your hairline and pull them out in front of the headband. Do the same by your ears! This will help you avoid that dreaded third grade picture day feeling we discussed earlier. Add some volume by teasing your hair a smidge, and spray that sucker with your favorite hairspray.  Finish the look with some super cute hoop earrings and you are ready to go!

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How To Style Short Hair This Summer

4. The Top Knot

Summer can be unruly and quite honestly just plain annoying when it comes to our hair. Between the humidity and the heat, it can be nearly impossible to have a good hair day. This look, however, is a great go-to when the humidity strikes and you cannot seem to tame the beast. To achieve this incredibly simple look, divide off a small section of hair at the top of your head. Tie off this hair at the crown of your he’d using a small elastic.

Take the ponytail you just created and lift it straight up into the air. Twist the pony and create a circle around the elastic with your hair. Secure your hair in the back with a bobby pin or two, and then pull the bun up and out to give it some volume. If you want, pull out some pieces by your hairline to frame your face. Spray your hair with some extra-hold hairspray to keep that frizz from making an appearance, and you are all set! 

How To Style Short Hair This Summer

5. Low Bun With A Scrunchy 

Scrunchies are super in right now but don’t just settle for your normal ponytail-scrunchy combo this Summer. Mix it up and go for a super pretty, super easy low bun. To get this look, work your fingers through your hair starting from your hairline. Start gathering your hair at the base of your neck, making sure to grab any pieces you may have left out. Use a regular hair tie to tie your hair into a loose bun ( if your hair is too short for a bun, this works with a low pony too!). Secure your scrunchy around your bun and hook your thumbs through your bun, pulling outwards. This will create a fuller, more uniform bun. Loosen up any pieces on the top to create some volume and you are done!

How To Style Short Hair This Summer

Which short hairstyles are you most excited to try out this Summer? Leave a comment and let us know!

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