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How To Style Scarves To Wear With Any Look

How To Style Scarves To Wear With Any Look

I am sure you have a lot of accessories in your closet. They are meant to add something special to any outfit that you wear. Most of these accessories usually only serve one purpose. What if you had something that was a little more versatile? That is why we have scarves. Scarves can come in all sorts of colors and sizes, and they can do so much for a look. There is the expected way to wear a scarf around your neck. This is actually where the versatility starts, as there are so many different ways that you can tie your scarf around your neck, each way giving off a different style. While they do a great job, they are not even the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you can do with scarves. They can be tied all across your body to serve a variety of purposes and to make you look spectacular. So here are some ways that you can use a scarf so that your outfits can appreciate the beauty of scarves everyday.

Classic Loop

1. Classic Loop

You can never go wrong with a classic style. It is tried and true which means that it will look great on anybody. There are many ways to style scarves, but you can always count on the classic loop. This is the style that is most common when it comes to tying a scarf. You fold the scarf in half making sure there is a loop. Then you tie the ends through the loop around your neck, and you have your classic loop. This will work with all scarves, and the scarf you pick is based on what kind of outfit you are going for. This will work well for a slightly chilly and you are just walking out and about, maybe to a restaurant. You don’t need a coat for this as the knot is thin enough that it will look fashionable with any t-shirt. The scarf does not need to distract from the rest of the outfit. It can be something fun, but it will still work as an accessory to literally tie your outfit together.


Pretzel Knot

2. Pretzel Knot

The original intention of scarves was to help people’s necks stay warm. Some of the thinner styles may not necessarily accomplish this mission. However, you can still make sure your neck stays warm while you stay stylish. This is through the pretzel knot. The pretzel knot looks a little intricate, but it is also bulky enough to help you stay very warm. First you fold your scarf in half and then put it around your neck so there is a loop. Then you put one of the ends of the scarf through the loop. You wrap the other end around the scarf and then put it through the loop. Now you have a pretzel knot. It may sound complicated, but it is actually pretty easy to figure out. Then the finished product will be nice and chunky. It will go great tucked into a jacket, like a pea coat. It is definitely a style meant for the cold weather season, like if you are walking through or hanging out in the snow. A scarf that is funky and bright will brighten up the dreary air. Even though you are putting on so many layers, you can make sure each scarf layer will be wonderful.

Infinity Scarf


3. Infinity Scarf

There are many different types of scarves out there. You may knw of the normal ones that almost just look like long pieces of fabric. However, there are other types that can make you look just as fabulous. One of these terrific scarves is an infinity scarf. An infinity scarves is a scarf that is connected. It is essentially one big soft circle to put on your neck. It is very easy to put on and they way you put it on is about the look you want. You are able to put on the infinity scarf as is, making for a very long loop. This is probably for a day that is not as cold and you want a funky accessory. However, this might get in the way so it might be better to do a double loop. After you put the infinity scarf on once, you loop it around a second time for a more posh look. The will make it look almost like a large necklace. Wear it with a coat on a cold day, or wear it with a cute yet simple outfit to make that outfit even more fashionable. Infinity scarves are fairly pristine and can elevate any outfit in an effortless way.

Head Wrap

4. Head Wrap

Hair accessories are very underrated. Some people like to do a simple ponytail or let their hair out for the day. However, there is so much more you can do. The right hair accessories can add to the vibe of your outfit and create a whole aesthetic. There are many hair accessories out there, and scarves are included on that list. There are so many different ways scarves can go in your hair. One of the simplest and most fun ways is through making a head wrap. First you put the scarf around your head so half is on the front and on the back. Then you graph the ends and tie the scarf in the back. Then shift it to the side, make a little bow, and you’re done. This will give you a cool bohemian and artsy look. It will be great for out in the day, maybe a t a market or going to hang out with friends shopping. You can lean into the bohemian theme with a kind of alternative artsy outfit, with flowy clothes and flowers. There are other ways a scarf can be a hair accessory, but this wrap will help with cheerful energy and make you boho chic.



5. Belt

Belts are a very useful item for outfits. They can help hold up your pants, give your dress a waist, or they can just give your outfit some extra style outfit. Whatever the reason may be, a belt can add a lot to your outfit. That is why one of the great ways to use scarves is to make a belt. This is one of the simplest things you can do with a scarf. First you have to make the scarf really thin. Then you put it around your waist and tie it in a knot. Those are all the steps. You may decide to put the scarf through your belt loops, or you can put it over your outfit. It all depends on what kind of look you are going for. If you are wearing plain jeans and you decide to put a patterned scarf through the loops, it will definitely make those jeans more interesting. Since it is a belt, this style will work for any occasion. Most other belts will be plainer than the scarf, so if you want your belt to be subtle, then go with a basic belt. However, if you want a statement to be tied around your waist, then a scarf is the way to go.


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6. Bracelet

Maybe you only want scarves to serve as just an accent. It does not have to dominate your look. The scarf can be just a fun little touch. That is what makes it a good bracelet.. Pick out a scarf that is in a bright color or a bold pattern. Then just tie it around your wrist in a cute knot. Those are all of the steps. It may not seem like much, but it will definitely add to your outfit. Say you are wearing an all black outfit or an outfit filled with neutral colors. This can be a fun pop of color without going overboard. It is a statement accessory that is a little more eye-catching than a normal bracelet. This will be great if you are going out on a date where you want to show off your sense of style, or even just a day at the office where you just want a little touch of your quirky side. You don’t have to do a lot to make a scarf exciting and to make yourself snazzy.



7. Skirt

There are so many ways to style scarves, and they can sometimes be very essential to an outfit. Scarves may be bigger than you think, so they can do a lot for an outfit. One way scarves can add to an outfit is by becoming a skirt. This will make for a flirty and flowy look with a beautiful fabric. It is not as hard as you think to turn a scarf into a skirt. You put the scarf behind your waist, wrap it all the way in the front, then tie the ends in the back. That is the simplest way to do it. There are other types of skirts that can be made, maybe through tucking certain parts. However, this is the way you can get a cute wrap skirt. It will be nice and secure and flow a little in the wind. This will be a great skirt for any sort of outdoor party or a semi fancy dinner. Pick a colorful scarf, and then wear a base color like black on top to make the scarf skirt shine more. It will be very comfortable and help dress you up that quickly. You can now look amazing in a skirt that shows the power of DIY.


8. Dress

A lot of these scarves are styled to go with a certain look. However, that does not mean your scarf can’t be the look. Your scarf can actually be a fun dress, making it your outfit. In order to turn a scarf into a dress, you first have to spread the scarf all the way out. Not all scarves have the right material for this, so you have to make sure you have selected the right scarf. Also make sure the scarf’s material is not too thin so that your dress is not see through. You put the scarf around your back, with your back in the middle. Then you tie the top ends in front of your body, then tie it into a knot to get rid of loose ends. There are other ways you can expand on this, like turning it into some sort of tank, but this is the simplest way. If you get a fun scarf, you can turn this into a colorful and quirky dress. This would be great on a beach vacation, or any sort of romantic trip, especially with some neutral heels. This is an innovative way to take an accessory and make it look.