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How To Style Curly Hair In Humid Weather

How To Style Curly Hair In Humid Weather

The summer is filled with a lot of fun and adventure. It is time to party all night, go to the beach, and just relax. However, your hair might not have gotten that memo. The summer means there is a lot of heat and heat will sometimes lead to humidity. Humidity means there is a lot of vapor in the air and that vapor is not good for curly hair. If curly hair is in the humidity for too long, it can lead to a lot of problems. This includes frizziness and damage, which will ruin your hair for that today. You might have to miss out on some fun summer hairstyles. However, that does not have to be the case. You just need to take care of your hair so that the humidity does not affect it too much. Here are some steps that you should take including products and general tips if you want to style curly hair. If you follow these steps, your curly hair this summer will be full and alive.

Leave-In Conditioner

1. Leave-In Conditioner

It is important to have some moisture in your hair. You may think that the humidity is providing that moisture, but that is not what your hair needs. Your hair is dehydrated so it is soaking up whatever wetness it can find. This is allowing the humidity in and damaging your hair. Therefore, it is your job to keep your hair healthy. That is why a leave-in conditioner will be helpful if you want to style curly hair. Conditioner is filled with moisture that will help nourish your hair. Doing a normal deep condition in the shower will work just fine too, but leave-in conditioner will take that a step farther. It will make sure your hair stays nourished and that will avoid any chance of frizziness. You want your hair to be healthy, and if it’s properly conditioned, it will certainly glow.

Hair Oil

2. Hair Oil

Humidity is not a fun time for your hair. It gets your hair very frizzy, and that should be avoided when you are going to style curly hair. Your curly hair needs some protection. That is the job of hair oil. Hair oil will protect your hair in many ways. It will do a great job at taming your hair so that the frizz does not get out of control. It also has a hydrophobic quality which will repel the wetness that is coming from the humid air. Not only that, but it will also give you the moisture that your hair actually needs on its own. It will be perfect for styling as it helps lock in your hair. You won’t have to deal with strands getting away. There are different types of hair oils out there to put on your hair, but try going with one that is natural. Coconut or avocado oils could be your best bet for healthy hair. Your hair will look great and be safe from the scary humidity.


Hair Serum

3. Hair Serum

Humidity will often come with a lot of heat, and this can create a lot of problems for your hair. The heat and humidity will make your curly hair look damaged and messy. You need to make sure your hair can be protected from all of those problems. This is why when you style curly hair, you need some hair serum. This is a liquid product that you put on hair, and can really help you out. It will definitely help how your hair looks. It will enhance your beautiful curls and make them incredibly luxurious. The hair serum is also able to reflect light which will be a great aid when it is really sunny out. This is how the hair serum helps you with the heat, as well giving your hair some shininess. It will also do wonderful at one of the most important jobs, giving your hair some moisture. Your hair will be full of life with no damage or frizz in sight.

Avoid Brushing Hair

4. Avoid Brushing Hair

There are some things that you should be doing when you style curly hair in the humidity, but there are others things that you should actively not be doing. These are safe steps to take so that you can ensure the best hair possible. Something to avoid during the humidity is brushing your hair. Hair brushes can be pretty rough, which can be damaging to your hair. Your hair will get weaker, which is not what you want at this time of year. Hair brushes will also lead to some frizz for curly hair. The friction and dryness of the brush will not work well in your hair and will cause your hair to frizz up a lot with no wetness. Brushes are not going to make your hair healthy this hot summer. If you need to detangle your hair, using your fingers will be the best bet as they are softer and don’t have the dryness of a brush. Your goal should be making sure that your hair is full of life and shine, so don’t do anything that will make that goal difficult to achieve.

Dry Your Hair

5. Dry Your Hair

In order to properly style curly hair, you need to make sure you follow some precautions. You may have to do some actions to help your hair to avoid the problems of humidity. Some steps are putting things in your hair, others are things to do to your hair. In this case, you need to dry your hair. Drying your hair is probably something you already do, but you need to make sure that you are through. After you have taken a shower and gotten our hair wet, use a towel to get all of that water out. When your hair is completely dry, it will be less likely to take in extra moisture as there won’t be any water left to encourage it. Make sure you have a soft towel so you don’t rub your hair with too rough of a texture. Some steps for styling may be a given, but you should still make sure they are done so that your hair will be fully protected.

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Hair Accessories

6. Hair Accessories

Try to have some fun when you style your hair and doll it up a little. You can always go simple, but why not add a little something extra. Hair accessories might be the trick to make your look pretty and protect your hair from the humidity. For example, you can tie your back with a nice scarf, put in a headband, or put your hair in a cute updo with a ponytail and bobby pins. When you style curly hair like this, it helps mask the frizziness. You won’t be leaving it all out for the humidity to attack so that it goes limp. When you put some accessories in your hair, there won’t be any noticeable frizziness ruining your look as your hair will be shaped in a specific way. Not to mention, this is a tip that will always work in a pinch. Some of these other suggestions are great for the long run, but may not help at a moment’s notice. If you suddenly think there will be a problem, just put your hair up and you’ll be out the door with your gorgeous hair. Go a crazy and don’t let frizziness get in your way.

Satin Pillowcase

7. Satin Pillowcase

If you want to style curly hair, you may need to take important steps that are not involved in the actual styling. You need to be prepared in order to make your hair styling an easier job. That is why you need to buy a satin pillowcase. This silky smooth material will become your hair’s best friend during the humidity. It can be a miracle worker for your hair. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase will make your hair less frizzy, first of all. The smooth material will be gentle on you hair so that nothing bad happens to it. This also means that you won’t get so much bed head when you wake up in the morning, which will be terrific if you want to do some styling. The satin is also not a very dry material which means it helps with moisture. Other harsher pillowcases may make your hair dry and more likely to frizz up during the day. The satin pillowcases will help your hair stay moist so that it can stay healthy. Have a good night’s rest and get ready for a good hair day.