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How To Style Converse

Converse are amazing shoes. You can dress them up or dress them down. Converse come in a variety of colors and styles, you could get the normal ones or if you want an added boost you could always get platform Converse. The best part about these shoes is that they look amazing on everyone. Below are a few different ways you can style your Converse. You’ll be surprised about just how many outfits you can pair your shoes with. There is definitely a look for everyone to rock. 

1. 90s’ Inspo

This outfit is a great throwback to the decade full of grunge and MTV. Find a pair of high waisted mom jeans, find a loose fitting graphic-t and throw on a plaid shirt. 


2. Brunch Outfit

This outfit is perfect for brunch with the girls or even a brunch date. If you were out the night before odds are you don’t want to wear crazy shoes out the next day. The nice thing about Converse is that you don’t have to compromise style for comfort. Find a pair of white Converse and pair them with a fitted dress. Tie a button down on your shirt to bring the look together. 

3. That 70’s Show

The 90s’ aren’t the only decade getting some love recently, people are really into the 70s’. To rock this look find a pair of bell bottoms that hit you high on your waist. Instead of low top Converse break out your high tops for this look. 


4. Relaxed

This is a great everyday look. It’s comfortable but the fitted crop top gives it a little added something. Be sure to roll up your boyfriend jeans enough to show off your Converse. 


5. Platform

This look goes great with platform Converse. This is the kind of outfit you would want to wear to a show, you’ll look cute and edgy without being uncomfortable. Plus the added weight will make it slightly easier to see over the crowd. 

6. Basics

This outfit is simple but it’s very cute. Converse were meant to be worn in a more laid back setting and this outfit is the perfect example of that. You could easily wear this to cat or a lowkey date. 


7. Cute And Comfy

Pairing an oversized cardigan with a summer dress is always a cute look. The converse adds to the comfort of this outfit. This is the ultimate cool girl look. 


8. Beige Dreams

This outfit is clean and cool. Pair your converse with a pair of high waisted, straight legged jeans like in the photo below. Find a camel colored crew neck and you will look effortlessly artsy. 

9. Keeping Warm

While Converse might not be snow proof that doesn’t mean they aren’t still good in the cold. Find a pair of dark jeans, or even joggers, and pair them with an oversized jacket. 


10. Off The Shoulder

If you live in a place where the weather tends to be sunny all the time this outfit is perfect. Find a cute peasant top that is off the shoulder and pair them with a pair of capri’s. White Converse are the best for this look. 


11. Maxi Skirt

You can’t go wrong with a maxi skirt an an oversized sweater. To keep this look staying completely cozy combine this outfit with with your favorite pair of Converse.

12. Striped Dress

Another dress look! This is a great transitional outfit from summer to fall or from winter to spring. Find a looser fitting t-shirt dress and layer a denim jacket on top. 


13. Business Casual

While this might not be appropriate for every office it will definitely fly if you work in a much more laidback setting. This outfit shows off your sense of style and how you aren’t afraid to mix different looks. 


14. Leggings

You can always pair your Converse with a comfy pair of leggings. This outfit is perfect for running errands or going to class. It’s cute without requiring too much effort.

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15. Overalls And Long Sleeves

Overalls are back in style and you don’t want to miss out on the chance to wear your Converse with some. Find a slightly form fitting pair of overalls and layer a cropped long sleeve underneath. High top Converse are the best for this outfit, especially if they’re the same color as the overalls. Overalls can be daring so be sure to keep things simple. 

16. Edgy Skirt

This is an outfit equal parts cute and equal parts edgy. Dig out your favorite skater skirt, tuck in a shirt, throw on some tights and you have yourself a date worthy outfit. The Converse ensure that whatever you do it won’t hurt your feet. The biker jacket is an added edgy bonus. 


17. Sweater Weather

If you still want to look slightly nicer when you wear your Converse pair them with a textured sweater, like in the photo below. This is a look that would be appropriate for the holidays if your family has casual get togethers. 


18. Denim Skirt And Graphic T-Shirt

Denim skirts are back as well and they look fantastic with a graphic t-shirt. Find one that is slightly oversized and tuck it into your high waisted, denim skirt. Pull the shirt out slightly at the waist so that way it doesn’t look too stuffy. After that be sure to put on your favorite pair of Converse. If you live somewhere cold you can always put on a pair of tights. 

19. Sporty

Converse were worn by many athletes, so this more sporty look is a great throwback for Converse. This outfit would be great for going to a sporting event, tailgate or even a local bar to watch the game. Be sure to wear the hat of your favorite team with this outfit. 


20. Overalls And Off The Shoulder

Overalls don’t have to be entirely casual, you could always add an edgier top like this off the shoulder. The way this overall is structured also makes it look a little more unique than the usual overalls. This is an outfit you could definitely wear out and turn a few heads. 


How do you style your Converse? Comment below!
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