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How To Style Basic Sweaters To Create Stylish Outfits

Fall is coming which means it is time to pull out all our sweaters! I am sure you have your favorite sweaters that you wear all of the time, but you probably have those basic sweaters that you never know what to wear with.

Styling basic sweaters are a lot like styling a basic T-shirt. It isn’t super hard and when you find the right style for your basic sweater, you will want to wear it all of the time. So, here are some tips on how to style your basic sweaters so that they don’t just sit in the back of your closet anymore.

1. What to Wear With It

With all outfits, it is all about the different parts of clothing brought together to make the outfit stylish. The same goes for sweaters. When you have that boring sweater in the closet that you never seem to wear, think about the kind of bottoms and shoes to add with it that actually might make it cute.

The sweater down below super boring, but with some regular jeans and tennis shoes, it might not be the cutest, but when you pair this sweater with a skirt and thigh-high boots, the outfit starts to come together and the sweater works with these other components.

Sweaters are super versatile! One of my favorite kinds of outfits is wearing a sweater under overall dresses. It has that super cute chunky look that is just right for the upcoming fall season.

2. Layer a Cropped Sweater

I’ve had a pretty basic cropped sweater that I never knew what to wear with. It just never seemed to go well with anything. It wasn’t until I was looking at styles for this article that I saw layering cropped sweaters was the way to go. Find a T-shirt or any kind of shirt you want to go under the cropped sweater. The shirt will poke out underneath giving your sweater that pop it needs.

To make the sweater stand out, even more, wear a patterned shirt. If you are going for a more casual look, a basic T-shirt might do, making sure the colors work with each other. If you are looking for a more out of the sweater, pair it with a floral shirt or even a different texture would add to the outfit.

Layering with sweaters also looks good when it comes to jackets. Wear a thinner sweater so that you can pair a jean jacket over it letting the sweater sleeves stick out a bit. Make sure neither your sweater nor your jacket is too thick otherwise, your outfit might look too bulky.

3. Layer With a Collared Shirt

When it comes to styling sweaters, you can get many different kinds of looks with them. With baggy sweaters, you can get a grundy look, and with a collared shirt, you can get a preppy look. Layering sweaters with collared shirts are not a new thing, but I do think they have kind of disappeared and need to come back.

The preppy look is super cute and turns a basic sweater into a stylish look. My favorite look is when a white sweater is paired with a flannel long sleeve shirt. The flannel really makes that white pop. Then you pair the outfit with some cute skinny jeans and booties and you got yourself a wonderful fall look.

When looking for the right collared shirt and sweater combo, just make sure that the two complement each other. Neither one will necessarily be the centerpiece of the outfit so just make sure that the colors go together and there are not too many patterns on either the shirt or sweater as it could become overwhelming.

4. All About The Accessories

Accessories are a very important aspect of any outfit. So, of course, use accessories to style up your basic sweaters! During the fall and winter times, scarves can really make your outfits pop while also keeping you warm. With sweaters, make sure to not wear chunky sweaters with a thicker scarf. You might look like you are being swallowed up by the two.

5. Tucking in a Sweater

When I think of sweaters, I definitely don’t think about tucking them in. I just think it would make the outfit look kind of clunky, but if you get the right kind of sweaters, you can achieve this tucked in look.

To get this look, you want to make sure the sweater is thin. If you want it tucked in and not baggy, pick out a cute belt that will match the sweater and bottoms to tie the two together. If you do not want the belt, pull the sweater out a bit to give it that looser look like in the photo below.

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6. Style With Bling

With any outfit, some added bling can make any basic look pop. Styling jewelry with sweaters can be kind of difficult. In the look below, the model is wearing a slightly thinner sweater, which means she can pair the heavier jewelry with it to make that basic sweater pop a bit more.

When it comes to chunky sweaters, don’t go with the chunky jewelry; it will just make your outfit have too much chunk. And of course, pair the metals of the jewelry with the corresponding colors. Silver goes with the cooler colors of blues and greens while gold goes with the warmer reds and oranges.

A great way to style sweaters, like the photo below, is to layer your jewelry. With the thinner sweaters, pick out a bigger necklace that kind of turns into the centerpiece of your outfit, the sweater will be the complimenting piece. Then, if you do want to layer jewelry, pick out a few smaller chain necklaces or beaded necklaces that will assist in complimenting that main necklace as well.

7. Baggy Sweaters as Dresses

Yes, there are sweater dresses, but there are also super baggy sweaters that you can pair with leggings or tights to make it look like a grungy dress outfit. With these kinds of outfits, it is good to look for sweaters that are a size or two bigger than your normal size. That way they hang lower on you. If you feel like it is too chunky for you, pair it with a cute belt to bring the sweater in. Don’t get a sweater that is super chunky for this look.

Sweaters and leggings are the ultimate lazy day look. But when you add some accessories like maybe a scarf, or a cute handbag, or jewelry, it can turn that outfit into a super cute fall look that you can wear out all of the time!

Next time you are out looking for your new fall sweaters, pick the basic ones because you can style them with almost anything you want! What are some of your sweater styling tips? Tell us in the comments below.

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Madison McGarrah

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