How To Stop Being Late And Get Your Shit Together

Sometimes it feels like punctuality’s a lifestyle choice. Even when being late would cause irreparable trouble, it just doesn’t seem possible to not be. But, of course, plenty of people do it every day and, if you follow the right strategies, you can be just as punctual as they are. So get ready to break out of old habits and (almost) never be late again! Here’s some tips on how to stop being late!

1. Prepare in advance.

How you’ll prepare depends on what you need to be on time for. For example, if you need to get somewhere in the morning, get your clothes picked out and ready when you wake up. If you’re about to give a presentation, have everything organised hours beforehand so you won’t be scrambling to look for it later. You should do whatever you can now to reduce the amount of time you’d spend preparing later. That way, you don’t waste precious minutes that could be used for getting where you need to be faster! Time management skills come into play here so if you’re lacking in that department, practicing them would be helpful. This is definitely one of the most helpful tips on how to stop being late!

2. Set and double-set your alarm clock.

It’s tempting to just hit the snooze button after your alarm wakes you up. A good way to avoid this trap is to set more than one alarm. Smartphones allow their users to set multiple wake-up times. With them, the best pattern to follow is to have at least five of them, set minutes apart. For people with external alarm clocks, make sure yours is as loud and as clear as can be. Place one in a weird position on your nightstand so that it’s more work to turn it off.

Here are some important tips on how to stop being late!

3. Actually get out of bed.

Half the problem of waking up for something is actually waking up for it. Beds are designed to be comfortable and welcoming but while that might be good for sleeping, it’s not good for getting to work or class. Make a habit of immediately jumping out of bed whenever your alarm goes off. If you choose to just lay back down, your body will take note of this and make that your habit instead. Don’t let that happen or you’ll never get anywhere on time!

4. Prioritize.

Not every activity you do to prepare for something might be worth your time. Remember, the most important thing you need to think about is whatever you need to be on time for. If you can cut corners, then do it. If you can push off things for later, then do it. If certain things are optional, try taking some out or leaving those for last, if you still have time to do them. This will allow you to get through preparations easier and it’s much better than trying to fit everything you want to do into your schedule. This is a really important tip on how to stop being late!

Here are some important tips on how to stop being late!

5. Don’t worry.

Worry has a way of preventing us from completing our goals. Don’t worry too much though; you’ll become punctual eventually as long as you stick to it. The more worried you become, the less likely you’ll feel confident in that though. So chill down and just focus on your plans. Good luck! This is really important when it comes to how to stop being late!

Do you have any other tips on how to stop being late? Let us know in the comments below!

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