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How To Stay Stylish With Pinterest

How To Stay Stylish With Pinterest

Need help coming up finding your true sense of style but do not know where to start? Pinterest does a mind-blowing job to help you put together vision boards of what you love the most. As a pinterest user myself I find myself resorting back to it every time I need some sort of inspiration for my next look but that is not the only thing pinterest has to offer. There are many other benefits that come with being a pinterest user.

1. Creating your vision 

A key feature of pinterest is that once you have created an account and are logged in you  are greeted with a bunch of pictures that get your attention based off your interests. Later on the algorithm will catch on and begin to feed you similar ideas and topics to help you expand. By creating a board on pinterest you could begin to add looks and styles that you really enjoy and can come back to when you need an outfit for an outing. A cool thing about pinterest is that you can create up to as many boards you want for whatever you want and there is no charge at all. When putting together the boards it is important to organize them so they do not get all mixed up because I do not think you will want Sunday clothing ideas and Friday night club outfits under the same category. Also if you and your friends have the same sense of being stylish you could even share a board and both be allowed to add photos so you guys will be adding new looks that you can also consider rocking together.


2. Create a following 

Similar to Instagram, Pinterest allows you to create the following base as well as a chance to follow those who interest you. This is very important to do so because you are going to want to see styles that you enjoy and want to try. Except on Pinterest people do not worry nearly as much about how many followers they have. The whole point of Pinterest is to benefit from it and better yourself in whatever way you would like while gathering new ideas and trying new things. By following people on pinterest who share the same visions as you is very important to see what looks you are missing that you could add to your board and might like to try. By beginning to follow people you will start to see more and more pins that relate to yours so you can keep your collection growing with fresh new styles every time. 

3. The Search Engine 

An amazing feature that is very helpful is the search engine on Pinterest. It allows you to look at whatever you need a Pin for and shows you an unlimited number of ideas and pictures with sometimes a guide to get it down to the tea. If you need a sexy fun party outfit all you need to type in is “sexy party outfit” and you are guaranteed to be shown hundreds if not thousands of looks you could choose from for that party you are to attend and I assure you the number of times I have resorted to using this app to get the perfect outfit is unreal and yes… I do receive comments nearly every time. Not only is the search engine going to give you whatever looks you are looking for but also will show you the most stylish looks out there so you will not be dressed up as last year’s trends. 


4. DYI

Pinterest is not only full of clothing and fashion, there are so many other things you can use it for like making your own accessories to stay stylish. When you are looking up fits that you like you will also need some sort of accessories to go along with it and sometimes you are able to make them at home and be so stylish that you will be guaranteed a compliment or two whether you are at the grocery store or at the post office, someone is bound to notice. And this is such a great way to save money while looking really clean and stylish because who wants to go spend unnecessary money when you have a whole app that will show you step by step what to do with a guide while seeing what to pair it with? Exactly no other app than pinterest can do that. If you have the time on your hands to get crafty this is an amazing alternative to also use as a self care day where you can spend some time drinking a glass of wine or a cocktail and get nifty with some cute ideas you could wear out around the city.

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5. What’s Trending? 

A great thing about Pinterest is that you are able to create vision boards throughout any season so you get the chance to see what is trending and what is not. This is also a great way to see what is worth spending money on because if you have several Pinned photos with the same pair of shoes that means that most likely you need to get them. The way I like to use Pinterest begins with me adding my favorite outfits and looking back and seeing what is similar about each one of them to then decide what I need to add to my closet. This has helped a lot stay up to trend with the latest styles without me having to spend so much money because if you do not have a lot of pins with that item that you can not wear constantly then why would you want to spend your money on it. You are also able to see directly how other people are wearing their clothes season giving you the chance to adapt some new looks to your wardrobe without having to break the bank. 

There are a lot of social media platforms that can help you be stylish but no one does it better and Pinterest, where you are able to save and look at our favorite looks and have the chance to recreate them. Make sure to share with your friends and make sure to comment what you think!