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How To Stay Sane During Exam Week

How To Stay Sane During Exam Week

Whether it be midterms, final exams or just a week when your planner is busting at the seams, college gives us our fair share of stressful weeks. Instead of curling up in a ball and watching countless documentaries on Netfilx, face your week with a game plan. Keep scrolling for five ways to not loose your mind during exam week!

1. Make use of a planner.

With different tests and projects all seemingly due at once, it’s important to plan out time to get everything done.  Scheduling set times to work on certain things will help you keep track of time and avoid procrastination.  This will minimize stress and eliminate the feeling that you have literally no time to do anything.



2. Find the perfect study spot.

While the library might be the first place you think of, there are a lot more (and better) spots for you to study.  Exam weeks are stressful for everybody, and the library will definitely be constantly packed.  There are so many other options, like a nearby coffee shop, a hall lounge or a quiet spot outside.  If you do choose the library, I would recommend sticking to a quiet floor where distractions are limited.  I personally never get anything productive done if I’m on the talking floor. Find what environment works best for you, and hit the books!



3. Don’t forget to sleep.

Even though you might be super stressed for your upcoming exam or projects, getting enough rest is equally important.  Being tired and cranky is only going to make it harder to focus, thus resulting in even more stress.  Try to get to bed at a decent hour, and set an alarm to avoid sleeping in late the next morning.  Be productive during the day so you aren’t pulling an all-nighter the night before.

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4. Take a break.

While taking a break from studying for your huge exam tomorrow might seem like the last thing you should do, it’s important to give yourself time to relax.  Taking a break could be a simple as stretching stretching yourself out, taking a walk or making a Starbucks run for a caffeine fix.  This gives your brain time to relax and will help you focus when you return to studying.


5. Reward yourself!

One of the best ways to help you stay focused is to plan a reward for yourself. Plan something fun for you and your friends to do after your busy week is over! Take a trip somewhere, see a movie, go out to eat or anything that you will be looking forward to!  This will help take your mind off school and give you something positive to think about. Exam weeks don’t last forever, and by having something fun planned, it will remind you that you can get through it!


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