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How To Stay Sane And Positive During Quarantine Time

How To Stay Sane And Positive During Quarantine Time

How To Stay Sane And Positive During Quarantine Time

As a result of the global spread of the coronavirus, many countries are taking precautions to stop the spread and some are ordering citizens to “shelter in place”, which is almost like being stuck in Quarantine Time in your home regardless if you tested positive for the disease or not. In the United States, several states have ordered statewide “shelter in place” while others ordered “shelter in place” in local areas where the coronavirus hit the most. 

Those who have tested positive for the coronavirus must self-quarantine for 14 days. People who have come in close contact with someone testing positive for the Coronavirus will also be stuck in quarantine time for 14 days as well in order to prevent spreading the disease.

While being alone (even with those you are sheltering in place with), cooped up at home, and only allowed to go out for essential trips (such as grocery shopping, going to the bank, and getting medical care, to name a few), it will be hard for some to stay sane and positive during quarantine time for the time being. 

Being put in Quarantine time at home for this prolonged period of time can potentially have an impact on your mental health. The best thing I can advise is to not panic! These shelter in place orders by the government are just precautions to slow down the spread of the the coronavirus. There are many ways for people to stay both sane and positive during quarantine time (regardless if you have tested positive for the coronavirus or not). 

Now, with all of that being said, listed below are 5 Ways On How To Stay Sane And Positive During Quarantine Time:

1. Exercise Daily:

One of the most effective ways to stay both positive and sane during quarantine time (regardless if you have caught the coronavirus or not) is by getting some daily exercise in. When it comes to exercising, there are many benefits, which include boosting your mood and energy levels, helping with weight loss, and protect your memory and thinking skills, to name a few. Another important benefit of exercising regularly is that it will help Boost Your Immune System and keep your body functioning well. Research has shown that regular exercise reduces inflammation and supports infection-fighting cells. 

While being cooped up at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, dedicate one hour a day to get some exercise in and Boost your Immune System! If your house has a home gym, you are all set with a wide range of exercise equipment to use. However, if your house doesn’t have a home gym, you can still get some exercise in with dumbbells, yoga, or some free at-home workout apps and videos, to name a few options. Getting some exercise in each day is an effective way to maintain your sanity and positivity during quarantine time in the wake of the  coronavirus outbreak.

How To Stay Sane And Positive During Quarantine Time

2. Make a Schedule/List of Things You Want To Get Done Each Day:

As we can’t be out and about as we were during quarantine time at home, making a schedule/list of the things you want to get done each day can help you remain productive, positive, and sane for the time being. Whether you are still in school and/or work part-time or full time, create a list of what tasks you want to get done each day and when you plan doing each one. While it’s okay not if a few things on are list aren’t completed by the end of the day, be sure to prioritize which tasks need to be completed first! It’s not pretty when assignments and tasks aren’t completed before deadlines. 

How To Stay Sane And Positive During Quarantine Time

3. Still Keep In Contact With Family And Friends Not With You In Quarantine Time:

Another way to stay sane and positive during quarantine time is still keep in close contact with family and friends that you are not “sheltering in place” with. Plan on checking in with those family members and friends one to two times a week, whether it be via phone calls, text messages, or FaceTime. 

Being stuck in Quarantine Time (regardless if you have tested positive for the coronavirus or not) and cooped up at home doesn’t mean complete isolation from your family, friends, and the rest of the outside world. The Social Distancing and Self-Isolation practices that the government and media are recommending may lead to feelings of anxiety. However, thanks to technology and social media, we are all still able to keep up with the social interactions via the Internet and our cell phones. Just checking in with family and friends to see how they are doing will help people remain sane and positive during Quarantine Time. 

How To Stay Sane And Positive During Quarantine Time

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4. Meditate:

While it is important to be up to date with the news regarding the coronavirus, one way to keep your mind off of this global crisis during Quarantine Time is to meditate. Experts at The Mayo Clinic have said that meditation has proven to aid in both decreasing stress levels and making people much happier. 

While at home in quarantine time, dedicate a couple of minutes each day to sit down and do some deep breathing, mind clearing, and introspective thinking. There are many online apps and websites out there for people to choose from that conduct productive meditation sessions. 

How To Stay Sane And Positive During Quarantine Time

5. Organize and Clean Around The House:

Although this option might be the last activity on everyone’s list of things to do during this long period stuck in quarantine time, taking some time to organize and clean around your house can actually be therapeutic in times like this that the world is going through right now.

Studies conducted by Psychology Today back this claim and also revealed that cleaning and organizing around your house are effective ways of recapturing a sense of self control. Cleaning and Organizing around the house will also provide a much happier and healthier environment for everyone to pass the days stuck Quarantine Time as well. 

How To Stay Sane And Positive During Quarantine Time

Besides all of the tips and pieces of advice listed above, how do you personally plan on staying sane and positive during Quarantine Time? Let us know how down below in the comments section! 

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