How To Stay Motivated During Your Weight Loss Process

It’s April already! I bet losing weight is one of your New Year’s Resolutions for this year as well as the previous year, right? But the question is, how many percentages have you achieved? Losing weight is hard, most people claim that staying motivated during your weight loss process is the hardest part. Here are some tips about how to stay motivated during your journey.

You Need To Define Your Goal

First thing first, defining your goal when you want to lose weight is an essential thing. Let’s follow that SMART model that we all learn in business class in this case in order to lose weight. SMART stands for Specific, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Let’s break down the weight loss process into small pieces. You need to understand that a healthy weight loss process doesn’t happen in just one night. But in order for you to feel more motivated in this process, you just need to do a simple calculation, you will see that it’s not hard at all.

If you can lose one kilo in one month, then after one year you can lose up to twelve kilos in total. Or if you can, you can raise your goal to two kilos per month. And just remember to put your goal somewhere that you can see every day to remind yourself about it.

Get Yourself A Role Model

It is easy to get off the track if you don’t have anyone to look at. It can be a friend or a stranger’s story on the internet. You can do a little bit of research for your own before you start this weight loss process. Find one story that really resonates with you to be your inspiration. Also, remember to let this inspired story somewhere you can easily reach to during your everyday task. It can be a picture of them, or just simply some keywords. Be creative in your weight loss process will not only make everything more interesting but also motivate yourself.

Never Forget To Start Your Day With A Positive Song

Nothing better than kick off a day with your favorite song. Dancing to it, you can do some simple stretching if you want. You will notice that you have more energy every day and even better, your mood improves.

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Tell Your Friends And Family About It

It is good to have friends and family around to support you. Tell them about your goal, remind them that you are on your weight loss process so they won’t tempt your appetite. But remember that you still have your treat day. So, go out, enjoy dinner with your friends. Have fun but eat responsibly.

When You Are About To Give Up, Remember Why You Started

Another tip during your weight loss process is to remember why you want to do it at first. Is it because you want to feel better about yourself? is it because you want to prove that you can? Remember, it can be many reasons, but it must be because you want it, not because some people say that you have too!

Keep Reminding Yourself That You Are Beautiful

Sending a note to yourself, go buy yourself a bouquet of flowers as a complimentary when you lose two kilos for example. Never forget to key in your phone the reminder that you are beautiful. Feeling good about yourself, learning how to love the way your body looks will make you feel excited during your weight loss process because you know that you are giving yourself a healthy treat.

Are there any other useful tips that you would like to do during your weight loss process in order to keep yourself motivated? Share them with us in the comment below!

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