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How To Stay In Shape During College

How To Stay In Shape During College

Staying in shape is one of the most difficult things you can do. There’s a reason why the saying “freshman 15” is so popular. With all the temptations in college, from the delicious food, to easily accessible alcohol, staying in shape is harder than ever. With that being said, I’ll help show you how to stay in shape during college!

Prepare Your Own Meals

This is the most important tip you need to remember. While it is extremely easy and convenient to buy the food on the college campus, making your own lunch and bringing it to lecture/the library is a great way to stay in shape. This way, you, keep your calories in check, and you make exactly what you know is best for you health wise.

Doing this also helps not to burn a hole in your pocket, giving you both health benefits asĀ  well as financial ones!


Make Time For Exercise/Gym

Making time for your daily exercise/trip to the gym can be quite difficult as a college student. This gets even tougher during the tests and exam period. However, you need to decide for yourself that this is a priority for you, and that your health and physique is just as important as your grades. Most colleges have a gym on campus, so you will most likely not have to spend any extra money on transport or a gym membership (if money is an issue for you)

When you go about with this mindset, going to the gym will become second nature (even during exams). At the end of the day, it is all for your personal benefit, and you lose absolutely nothing by looking like the best version of yourself!

Always Take The Stairs

This may seem like a little thing to do, but it is easy to get used to taking the elevator to your lectures, or anywhere else for that matter. Constantly taking the stairs will keep you always moving, even when you’re not under a lot of bodily stress.


When you think of it, it’s quite an exercise, especially if you have most of your classes on an upper floor.

Carry A Water Bottle Everywhere

This is another thing you should do that seems little, but makes a huge difference. If you bring your own water bottle wherever you go, you won’t be tempted to just buy a bottle of soda, or juice. As drinking just water becomes part of your lifestyle, you won’t even remember soda or other sugary drinks, limiting the amount of weight you can really put on during college.

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It is such a simple change in how you look at drinks and liquid, but you’ll be grateful when instead of gaining weight like is expected in college, you stay in great shape!

Walk As Much As Possible

This might seem like a no brainer, walking to your lecture and such. However, you want to walk to other places as well. Take a day a week to walk to the mall instead of taking the bus, or walk to a restaurant you’re going to for a date instead of taking an Uber. It not only saves you money, but keeps you walking, and constantly active (similar to always taking the stairs).

Walking is one of those activities that is severely underrated for fat burning, but when you walk for most of of your day, you can allow yourself to eat more food without stressing about adding any extra weight (as you’re burning an extra 1000 calories a day or so).


Those are our best tips on how to stay in shape during your time at college! Let us know in the comments what other things you do to stay in shape, and why you love to do them!

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