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How To Stay Active Around FSU

How To Stay Active Around FSU

How To Stay Active Around FSU

College can be a super stressful time on a weekly basis. Its super important to maintain a healthy life style to not only benefit yourself physically but also mentally. Working out is a great way to blow off steam and get rid of unwanted stress. It’s the perfect way to reset yourself everyday before or after class. There’s plenty of ways around Florida State to stay active both by yourself and with friends.

1. Going to the Leach

If you’re living on campus the Leach is the best way to stay active. Monday through Thursday 6:00 am until 10:00 pm, Friday 6:00 am until 9:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am until 9:00 pm. This schedule varies with holidays and home football games so make sure to download the FSU Rec app on your phone to check. Because it’s open relatively late its perfect for the last minute workout session. The Rec app also is great for scheduling fitness classes.

They offer a ton of different classes at the Leach that will help motivate you maintain a healthy lifestyle. From HIIT Cardio classes to Spin classes the Leach has you covered. The best part is that all of the classes are taught by other students, which makes it a more comfortable environment. My favorite classes to take are Spin classes, I totally recommend that you check them out.

Classes open up 25 hours in advance and they fill up really fast, especially Spin classes, so make sure your quick to get your spot. Even if you aren’t into joining a fitness class the Leach has tons of machines that you can use and even an indoor track if you don’t like running on a treadmill. With three different stories, it definitely inspire you to maintain a healthy lifestyle while at FSU.

How To Stay Active Around FSU

2. Walking to Class

Living on campus makes this decision to walk to class that much easier, but if you live off campus try walking instead of driving. It’ll probably take as much time to walk to class as it does to find a parking space because we all know that there isn’t enough parking for everyone.

If it’s not too hot outside it doesn’t even feel all that bad to be outside, and its a great way to get fresh air in between classes. If it’s a nice day outside you’ll probably be more inclined to study outside too, which is the perfect way to get some fresh air. You also won’t miss any FSU events going on if you take a stroll through Landis every once in a while. Landis also attracts tons of dogs, so you’ll probably run into while your there, so walking is definitely worth it.

How To Stay Active Around FSU

3. Going to the Rez

The Rez is a perfect place to go to relax over the weekend. It gets busier during the Spring semester or when there isn’t a home football game which makes it more fun. The Rez has tons of stuff for you to participate in to encourage a fun healthy lifestyle, and the best part is its free for FSU students! They have a 40ft climbing wall that’s part of the challenge course, which is incredibly fun. And if your family is extremely active and wants to do something with you over the weekend they can join you for a small fee.

If its a super hot day out no problem, Lake Bradford is located at the Rez and you can totally work on your tan. You can even rent kayaks, and canoes, paddleboards to use with friends. One of the coolest things about the Rez is that you can even take courses on how to sail. Once your certified you can rent out sailboats to take out with your friends. If you aren’t feeling up to swimming or sailing no worries, you can play a round of volleyball or spikeball.

How To Stay Active Around FSU

4. Joining an Intramural Sport

Intramural sports are a super fun way to get involved but staying active. Some of the intramural sports that you can join are kickball, soccer, sand volleyball, and spikeball. There’s plenty of other options that are available that you can check out on the FSU campus rec website. If you don’t want to make a full time commitment to a team they offer super fun drop-in intramural sports that you can schedule on the FSU rec app. One of the most popular drop-in sports is canoe battle ship. Its super fun way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How To Stay Active Around FSU

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5. Walking Your Dog

If you have dog its the perfect way to keep yourself active. They need exercise just as much as you do. If you live off campus try taking them to Landis for a little while. There’s a fountain that they can even jump in if they get too hot. Its the perfect way to meet new people and get some exercise.

How To Stay Active Around FSU

6. Fitness and Move Clinic

The FMC is the perfect place to workout if you don’t like huge and busy gyms like the Leach. Its smaller, but it’s much more lowkey. It’s the perfect place for a relaxing workout. They don’t teach classes there, but they are open for a few hours on game days which is great if you workout avidly and live on campus. Because its on the smaller size its much easier to get in the zone and really focus on your workout. They have slightly different hours in comparison to the Leach Center so make sure you check the app before going to see if it’s open.

How To Stay Active Around FSU

7. Workout Events on Landis

Landis is the host of tons of events including fitness classes. It’s super fun and a great way to workout with your friends. Yoga on the green is the perfect way to reset after a stressful week. Landis also hosts some super fun and amazing fitness class. And sometimes the fitness classes are hosted by companies like Orange Theory. It’s the perfect way to reset your body and mind and maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

How To Stay Active Around FSU

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be something that you do on your own if you don’t want it to be. I hope these ideas on staying active inspired you to get involved and try new things. What are your favorite ways to stay active around campus? Make sure you comment them down below and share the article!

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