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How To Start Running And Actually Enjoy It

How To Start Running And Actually Enjoy It

How To Start Running And Actually Enjoy It

Wondering how to start running? Here’s how to start and what’s more, actually enjoy it.

‘But how do you make yourself go running?’ one of my friends asked me the other day as I came back from a really enjoyable jog. Before then running was something I’d never really thought about. I’d grown up running and for as long as I can remember, it’s been as natural to me as brushing my teeth.

However, like anyone that does sport, sometimes I have those periods when I just don’t feel like working out. Whether I’m feeling tired, down or most often, when the weather is bad, sometimes making myself run is hard. However, I always start again because I know this: a good run cures everything.

How To Start Running And Actually Enjoy It

Don’t think about it

Think too much about going for a run and even the best of us can talk ourselves out of it. Running is almost all mental and the best thing to do if you’re not sure how to start running is to just do it.

You can start off with a walk/jog or even just run to the local shop to pick up something you need. Running isn’t about how far you go or how fast you do it, it’s all about the mental and physical process of just doing it in the first place.

How To Start Running And Actually Enjoy It

Invest in some good workout clothes

It’s a fact: nice workout clothes make you want to exercise. If you’re wondering how to start running then the first step is to make sure that you look and feel the part. Good trainers are vital as they really affect the way that you run and ensure that you don’t cause yourself any injuries.

Brightly coloured sports tops, cute shorts and jackets are less important however, they are the best way to motivate yourself to get running. I guarantee that as soon as you’ve got your workout clothes on, you’ll find that you are a lot more motivated to get moving.

Reward yourself

After a while of running, the endorphins that you get will be a reward in themselves. However, while you get started it may be necessary to reward yourself in order to start running.

If weight loss is the goal then it’s counterproductive to reward with food however promising yourself a treat such as a nice bath, watching your favourite Youtuber or reading your book are all good ideas. On those days when running feels really difficult, promising myself a nice coffee and a sit down after is usually all I need.

How To Start Running And Actually Enjoy It

Think about the end goal

There are so many reasons why you probably want to start running and reminding yourself what those end goals are is really important when you feel that you don’t know how to start running. Whether your aim is to get fitter, de-stress or spend more time outdoors, think of all of the good that you’re doing for yourself each time you go for a run and I guarantee you’ll be sprinting for the front door.

Explore new places

This is my personal favourite. The reasons that I love running outdoors is that it enables me to explore new places. Unlike walking, running allows you to cover ground a lot quicker so you can easily cut down the time that it takes to get around.

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What’s more, is you need little more to go running other than yourself and a good pair of trainers so it’s one of the most practical sports around. Putting on my workout clothes and going for a jog in a new city is my favourite way to explore when I’m travelling and doing so without carrying around a bag full of my belongings is so freeing.

How To Start Running And Actually Enjoy It

Bring your friends

Running is great alone time but it can also be a really social sport. Combining running with meeting up with friends is a great way to start exercising, plus it’s free and what’s more, actually good for you. Get your friends and head to the beach, park or even just around your local neighbourhood and start running. You can even alternate running with walking. As long as you’re getting moving, you’re most of the way there.

Let yourself zone out

There’s no denying that running is great for your shape and overall fitness however in my opinion, the mental benefits of going for a run far outweigh the others. I really like to use running as a time to clear my head and de-stress. Personally, I find that the best way to do this is to turn off my phone and just focus on nothing other than my surroundings and the process of running.

There’s no beating the feeling of freedom, control and clarity that I get after a good run and enjoying some time free from distractions is the best when it comes to inspiration too.

How To Start Running And Actually Enjoy It

I don’t believe anyone when they say that they don’t like running. I just think they haven’t found the right motivation for them yet. If you’re not sure how to start running but would like to, then try giving one of these tips a go. It doesn’t have to be a hard run. Take it slow or make it short and sharp. I guarantee that it won’t be long until ‘I just need to go for a run’ is part of your vocabulary.

If you’re a runner, how do you motivate yourself to get moving? Comment below to let us know.

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