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How To Squeeze In Workouts During A Busy Week

How To Squeeze In Workouts During A Busy Week

Want to squeeze in workouts to your everyday schedule? Finding the time to workout during your busy day isn’t easy, and we know all you want to do in your free time is relax. I mean, after a long day who wants to think about cardio? All I want to do when I’m not in a class, studying or working is lay in bed and binge Cheer on Netflix, but I know that’s not very beneficial. I’ve come up with simple ways to squeeze in workouts to your busy days, without sacrificing too much time at the gym. Put all the excuses aside sis, there’s no more room for them in this schedule.

Wake Up Earlier

We all love our sleep, but we’re not talking too much earlier than usual. You don’t need to dedicate hours at the gym each day to start feeling and looking good. If you’re lucky to get a later start to your day, I recommend waking up earlier to make time for your workout. Say your alarm usually goes off at 8 a.m., set it for 7 instead and make time for a quick 30-45 minute workout. When I workout in the morning, I prefer a light workout, with very little cardio. To get my body moving after a long sleep, I’ll walk on a high incline on the treadmill or hit the stair master on level five for 10-12 minutes, just long enough to warmup. For the next 20-30 minutes, focus on using gym weights and trying body weight exercises. Working out before you get your day started will boost your mood and energy levels all day long!

How To Squeeze In Workouts During A Busy Week

Download Workout for Women

Sometimes, the biggest reason why people don’t go to the gym is because they don’t know what to do when they get there. I find workout apps extremely helpful for workout routines, especially Workout for Women. Workout for women guides girls through fun feel-good workouts. Choose what area you want to work on such as core, booty, arms, legs or even full body options. Workouts last between as little as four minutes, to some lasting up to 60 minutes. A virtual women will lead you through each workout with scheduled breaks between moves. Don’t waste time wandering around the gym looking for something to do, just turn to your phone!

How To Squeeze In Workouts During A Busy Week

At-Home Workouts

Sometimes, just the thought of getting to the gym is what’s stopping you from reaching your goals. Nobody wants to leave the house when it’s cold, snowing or raining out, so don’t. Working out at home is super easy and you don’t need any equipment, unless you want to. Using weights, jump ropes, or yoga balls could make workouts more fun, but it’s not necessary. Complete body weight exercises right from your bedroom floor, or if it’s nice out, right in your backyard. Even follow the Workout for Women app from home! This is extremely helpful when you have little time to spare but want to work towards your goals. So don’t worry about heading out to the gym, get fit right from home! Click here for a variety of at-home body weight workouts.

How To Squeeze In Workouts During A Busy Week

Stay Up Later

Are you a night person rather than a morning person? Some people just can not get themselves up and moving so early in the morning and we get that. So why not try staying up later? Maybe you feel most energetic right before dinner. Lace up your sneakers and head to the gym, your motivation to finish your workout could be a healthy and delicious dinner waiting for you at home. My favorite workouts are done right before bed because the gym is nearly empty and all the machines are free to use! A lot of people save their homework to complete at night, but during a long night of studying you’re going to need a break. A quick workout could help clear your mind and boost your energy so you can bust out the rest of your work. Are you just laying in bed with popcorn watching that TV series you’ve seen three times already? No excuses, get up. This is your time to put your body to use! Nine times out of 10, your nighttime workout will exhaust you and help you sleep soundly all night long.

How To Squeeze In Workouts During A Busy Week

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Wear Athletic Outfits

The best way to stay motivated for a workout is to wear your athletic outfit all day long. Going to class? Wear your gym clothes, you’ll be much more motivated to hit the gym if you can go right from class. Chances are, once you get back to your room to change you’re going to see your bed and be way too tempted to jump in. Even if you’re going to the mall, running errands, getting your nails done or grabbing coffee, wear your workout clothes wherever you’re going! Active looks are extremely popular lately thanks to brands like lululemon and Gymshark. I love the look of these brands, and find myself wearing workout clothes even when I’m not planning on hitting the gym. You’ll look cute and feel extremely comfortable all day long. For more cute workout gear click here.

How To Squeeze In Workouts During A Busy Week

Add it to Your Planner

If you’re struggling to squeeze in a workout, don’t make it an option. Just like going to an exam is mandatory or taking a shower is done each day, make completing a workout similar to this. It’s not something you want to do anymore, now it’s something you have to. When writing out your assignments or to-do lists in your planner, schedule in time for a workout, even if it’s only 20 minutes. By adding it to your calendar, you are more likely to go so you can check off everything you’ve done. If you’re like me, you live by your planner and what it says, goes. So why not make it say the gym?

How To Squeeze In Workouts During A Busy Week

Which workout method do you prefer? There’s no excuse now, ladies. Let us know your workout tips in the comments below!

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