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How To Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Girls This Year

How To Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Girls This Year

Valentine’s day is rapidly approaching. If you are not currently dating, it does not mean that your life completely stops just because you don’t have a date. It also does not mean that you cannot have fun and celebrate Valentine’s day with your girls. Here are some ideas of things you can do for Valentine’s day.

Game Night

A game night is a great way to relax and have a little fun on Valentine’s day. There are hundreds of games that you can play with your girls. If you can not decide on a game to play prior to the game night, have everyone bring a game, and you all can pick one from there. Have everyone come over with their relaxing clothes and set out a few Valentine’s day inspired snacks and let the good times roll. You do not always have to have to be in a relationship to feel loved. A night with your girls having some fun can sometimes give you all the love that you need.

How To Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Girls This Year

Vision Board Party

Valentine’s day is about being around loved ones. A vision board party allows you to work on identifying what you want in your future and hanging out with your girls. By doing the vision board together you all can motivate each other to work towards your individual dreams. Thinking about the future can sometimes feel daunting, but sharing the experience with your girls will keep you encouraged. Just have everyone bring some old magazines to cut up, a pair of scissors, a poster board, and a glue stick. Then have a great time sharing your lives with each other.

How To Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Girls This Year

A Spa Night

Valentine’s day can be stressful if you are constantly tormented by not being in a romantic relationship. A Valentine’s day spa night is a great way for you and your girls to pamper yourselves. A great spa to go to is one that offers massages, manicures, pedicures, and different types of treatments. It is up to you, but all the options are great to do. Some places offer up Valentine’s day discounts allowing you to have a relaxing night and save some money. If and your girls rather spend the night in, then you can have a nail art party. You can stay in and listen to good music and paint each other’s nails.

How To Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Girls This Year

Dinner Night

A Valentine’s day dinner night can be just what you need with your girls. Event tho restaurants are going to be full of other people celebrating Valentine’s day does not mean you can’t have a great night out. If you and your girls have a restaurant that you want to go to, I would suggest making a reservation in advance to make sure you have a table. Your dinner night does not have to be at a restaurant if you all do not want to go out. You can have your Valentine’s day dinner at one of your girls’ houses. It can be a potluck dinner, so not one person is stuck with doing all the cooking. A Valentine’s day dinner, you all can celebrate with decorations, a great dinner, and an amazing conversation with your girls.

How To Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Girls This Year

Movie Night

There are a ton of romantic love story movies out there that you and your girls can watch this Valentine’s day. A movie night is a great way to relax with your friends. Everyone can come with their comfy clothes and a few sugary sweets to enjoy. All you need to put out is some blankets. If you and your friends rather not watch movies with a love story, there are different genres of movies to pick from to have an enjoyable night.

How To Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Girls This Year

Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are a great place to have a conversation with friends and have a sweet treat for Valentine’s day. Just find a place you all will enjoy. Some coffee shops have events that might be going on Valentine’s day night with live music that you all might enjoy with the great conversations with friends.

How To Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Girls This Year

Gift Exchange

Your girls can be your valentine, and there is nothing wrong with you all exchanging Valentine’s day gift. You all can have a secret Valentine’s day exchange amongst your group of girlfriends. A few weeks in advance, place all your names in a hat, and everyone takes a name. Just make sure that you don’t take your own name. Make sure to set up a price limit you want to spend on the gifts. Then set up a way that you want to share your gifts with each other. Gift exchange is a great way to show love and appreciation for each other.

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How To Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Girls This Year


A Valentine’s day getaway is a great way to spend time with your girls. It is a chance to see something different from the mundane of everyday life. It is a great experience to have with your girls to go on a trip because they are most likely going to push you outside of your comfort zone. Just find somewhere that you all will enjoy and leave all your worries behind and have a great getaway. It can be just for Valentine’s day, or you can wait until the weekend and make it a couple days. Whatever you decide to do, just have a great time.

How To Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Girls This Year


Valentine’s day is about sharing the love with the people around you. Volunteering is a great way to show people that there are still some great people in the world that still care about the safety and wellbeing of an individual. There are several ways that you can volunteer in your community. Look up some local locations that you can volunteer with by doing a Google search of a location. Some places you can volunteer are soup kitchens, children’s hospitals, or some other places that offer volunteering that matches you all interest. So put aside not having a date this Valentine’s day and make someone else feel special.

How To Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Girls This Year

Valentine’s day with your girls is a great way to forget about not having a date for Valentine’s day and embrace being around your friends that love you. These ideas for the day are a way to spend time with your girls and enjoy life in whatever stage that you are in currently.

Tell us in the comments how you will want to spend Valentine’s day with your girls this year?

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