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How To Spend The Perfect Day In Paris

How To Spend The Perfect Day In Paris

How To Spend The Perfect Day In Paris

Ah Paris.  This city of Love and the city of lights.  Paris has so much to offer. I don’t know how to put this any other way other than Paris is a very European city and very …well, French.  If you only had one day in Paris these are the things I would suggest you get to experience.  Crepes, Cheese, Wine, River tours, walking tours a museum and a Cathedral or two. Paris has a rich history and so much to offer.   

Starting the Day

I would start the day with a small breakfast from a local Parisian cafe or small shop you can stop in and grab a pastry of some sort.  Cheese and Ham for some reason taste better in Europe than anywhere else, so that is my favorite choice. Grab a coffee if you want, but maybe research what you should order.  If you ask for a black cup of coffee, most of the time they make it an Americano as their go to. Once breakfast is done and you are ready to move on, head towards Saint Chapel.  Known for its Gothic architecture you will not want to miss the morning sunlight peeking through the gorgeous stained glass chapel. Down below in the sanctuary you still get some of the gorgeous stained glass effects as well as gorgeous paintings on the floor and ceilings.  Once you’re done in St. Chapelle Continue next door to the Concierge . a Gorgeous white sanctuary that was one a prison holding Marie Antoinette. All are included in one admission price.

How to spend the Perfect day in Paris

Notre Dame

Moving on from Sainte Chapelle you can make your way to Notre Dame. Notre Dame is on an Island in the middle of the Seine River.  Right in front of Notre Dame is the “Heart of London” . It is a stone in the ground that measure where the Central part of Paris is.  It is said that if you step on this stone, you will return to Paris one day. Once you have done that, go inside and see Notre Dame in all its glory.

How to spend the perfect say in Paris

Lunch at a Cafe

Grabbing lunch at a Parisian Cafe will make the perfect stop to the middle of your day.  Many of the cafes, especially in the tourist areas will have menus in your language if you don’t speak the language there.  Most waiters are very nice and helpful. Always say Si Vous Ples and Merci. It will seem like you are trying even when you don’t know the language.  

How to spend the perfect day in Paris

Museums in Paris

Make sure you have a museum on your list.  While The Louvre is the most popular, it is so big it is best to leave that one for more time, as there are too many things to see in such a big space.   The Musee D’orsay has a generous collection of art that will take you through Parisian History.

How to spend the perfect day in Paris

Eiffel Tower

Heading over the Eiffel Tower should be next on the list.  Look around and see if there are any street, farmers or flower markets on the way.  It will make the journey to the Eiffel tower more enjoyable if you get to mingle with the locals or just look around at some of the merchandise.  I think it’s important to see the Eiffel tower in the daytime and night time. If you have time, take a ride to the top of the Eiffel tower and see how the streets of Paris are layed out.  It gives you a perspective of this ancient city.

How to spend the perfect day in Paris

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Wine.  Cheese.  Starwberries and Boats.

If you have time for a short stroll along the River, it is another great way to see Paris.  As soon as it begins to get dark, I would recommend thinking about Dinner and evening boat ride.  A great option would be to go get some french bread, cheese, strawberries and wine, and taking them on your evening River cruise.  A very French meal, seeing the gorgeous sites of Paris. Paris is the City of lights so an evening Boat ride down the Seine river is not to be missed and one of my favorite things to do in Paris.  THe eiffel tower glows a gorgeous yellow/orange and every hour on the hour it sparkles. If you thought Notre Dame was overwhelming during the day, you should see it at night. It is is big and white and powerful, especially from behind when you see all the Gothic thrusts.  The boat ride should take you around so you see both sides of Notre Dame. Don’t forget to enjoy that wine and cheese during your river cruise .

How to spend the perfect day in Paris


Once you have completed your river cruise, you should head back towards the Eiffel tower, to get one more glimpse at night and keep your eyes peeled for a vendor cart.  On of my favorite memories is getting a chocolate crepe or Belgian waffle and sitting just under the Eiffel tower and enjoying that crepe.

How to spend the perfect day in Paris.

Evening Lights and Sacre Coeur

Depending where your hotel is, you can make room for one more stop in Paris before the fight is over.   Sacre Coeur is a gorgeous chapel up on a hill in Paris. It is worth the visit during the day if you have time, but it is so worth the visit at night. It glows on top of it’s hill like it is the most powerful thing in all of Paris. The catch. The many stairs you have to climb to get to the top.  However, there is now a Gondola which will take you to the top. If you don’t feel like climbing the stairs, you can ride that up and take the stairs back down. Either way, visiting Sacre Coeur at night is not to be missed and not only that, but is has great views of the city and even the Eiffel Tower.

How to spend the perfect day in Paris

Which parts of Paris do you think are a MUST see?  If you had one day in Paris, what would you do?  Don’t forget about the Crepes, wine and Cheese.  It’s all worth it.  AND it all will make you want to come back.  And you will.
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